Support the Local Sheriff

After several days of taking a low-key approach, Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward — known by all in Burns, Oregon, as “Sheriff Dave” — is mounting a media counterattack against Yokel Haram.

He is, in short, turning to spectacle.

That was evident at a meeting Wednesday at the Harney County Fairgrounds. The meeting, called by the sheriff on his home turf, was ostensibly to answer community questions. …

… Ward said his wife’s tires were slashed, prompting her to “pack up and leave town.” His parents were seated in the audience, and he asked them to stand, saying they had been followed home. “Those are true Americans right there,” he said to applause.

John Lamborn, a local defense attorney, approached the microphone. Lamborn and Ward are usually on opposite sides at the local county courthouse, but not at this meeting.

“Now, there are some people questioning your patriotism,” Lamborn said.

Ward nodded.

“Sheriff Dave, you’re a veteran, right?” Lamborn asked.

Ward said he was, and proceeded to detail his military history, including tours in Somalia and Afghanistan.

The crowd cheered.

“If he doesn’t hit all of these guys in the face with a pie in the next few days,” Charles Pierce writes, “Sheriff Dave’s got the Nobel Peace Prize locked up.”

I don’t doubt the part about slashed tires, as Sheriff Dave has been targeted by some right-wing sites for being a government stooge (example).

Meanwhile, Y’all Qaeda has torn down a government fence so that a local rancher can graze his cattle on the occupied wildlife preserve, and they’ve been digging through employee files in the compound looking for “transgressions” they can expose.

I personally think the government ought consider a variation of Sherman’s March. Maybe now the BLM should move on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada to seize cattle and other assets to help pay the delinquent grazing fee.  The Mullah Militia (that’s pronounced MOO-law, y’all) might find they have a bigger problem on their hands than being short of snacks.

21 thoughts on “Support the Local Sheriff

  1. “Maybe now the BLM should move on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada to seize cattle and other assets to help pay the delinquent grazing fee”

    Excellent idea which is why it probably won’t happen, at this point I’m not sure what the “Bundys” could do to get some good old fashion law enforcement?

  2. I don’t think sending in Black Lives Matter will help do anything other than create a massacre.

    I can see the Bundy Ali-Bubba’s all aiming at the black protesters, until their leader Ammo(n) Bundy yells out, “Don’t shoot until you see there’s nothing white but the eyes!!!”

    Someone is giving me a message.
    “Bureau of Land Management.”

    NEEEEEEEEEver mind…

  3. It’s easy to miss how important this is. The TP folks have been weaned on the anarchistic idea that the sheriff is the highest law enforcement authority in his local jurisdiction. There’s no legal support for that argument, but it’s an article of faith anyway.

    Enter the local sheriff – duly elected by the locals – a veteran. He tells the out-of-towners that they aren’t welcome, they weren’t invited and they need to go home. He calls them out for being vandals and terrorists (my words, not his).

    The Bundy crowd is getting skewered with their own supporters with their own warped standards of authority. If the feds swoop in and take them away in cuffs, then ‘Y’all Qaidia’ gets the dignity and spectacle they want. If the local sheriff runs them out, then they look like petty criminals with long guns.

  4. ROTFLMAO!!!!!
    Watch as Jon Putzheimer – or whatever this seditious git’s name is – whines about stuff they got from people. Stuff they didn’t want:
    Including, a “bag of dicks!”

    It’s just what this bunch of dick’s needed:
    More dick’s!!!

    I guess being a modern “patriot” means not having a sense of humor.
    Hey, Putz-nozzle – or whatever your traitorous name is – George Washington didn’t smile much because he had wooden teeth, not because he didn’t have a sense of humor!
    If he smiled too broadly, he might have gotten a splinter in his lips.
    Something you might get, if someone sends you a bag of wooden dick’s! (NTTAWWT!!!)

  5. I don’t think these idiots will listen to the sheriff anymore than they will listen to anyone. They are on a mission. They have guns and I believe they would use them. They are trespassing on federal land and that is my land as well as everyone’s and I don’t want them there. They are interfering in the local community’s normal everyday life and the locals don’t want them there. In the video, it didn’t appear that the power had been shut off. As for the stuff that has been sent that they don’t want, too bad. As my mother used to say, beggars can’t be choosers. The guy in the video did not look old enough to be retired. Doesn’t he have a job somewhere? I’m just about ready to go there myself and confront them. It’s not that far from where I live and I’m getting my Irish up.

  6. If the feds swoop in and take them away in cuffs, then ‘Y’all Qaidia’ gets the dignity and spectacle they want.

    But not if they take them away in body bags.

  7. OT, but will there be a final-SOTU drinking game? Such as, crack open a case of champagne when the president hollers, “So PEACE OUT Congress, I have HAD IT with y’all!”?

  8. Joan,

    Hell, I’d crack open a case of great bourbon – metaphorically speaking – if he told the GOP how gloomy they always still are, and then did his “Grumpy Cat” impression again, at tonight’s SOTU!

    Actually, that might get me up and dancing without the aid of my walker!
    No easy feat for a guy who can barely make it to the bathroom and kitchen even WITH a walker, because he still has one foot encased in a 10lb erector-set halo on his ankle – with 19 steel spokes and bolts going through his bones, to hold them all together!!!

    Hell, also too :
    If he did that, I’d boogie to Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” in red fuck-me pumps, until EMS came to pick my fat ass up off the floor, and cart me off to the nearest ER!

  9. I watched some of the speech and thought it was excellent, though I found it hard to concentrate what with little Eddie Munster sitting behind the president with that smarmy fucking smirk on his face. What is it with these wing-nuts and their unabashed contempt for this president?

  10. I found it hard to concentrate what with little Eddie Munster sitting behind the president with that smarmy fucking smirk on his face.

    I ended up not watching, just listening to the morning-after rehash, but that is a great (unattractive) visual, uncledad. Ugh, Eddie Munster.

    Did that place him next to Joe Biden? He probably still flinches at the mere sight of Joe.

  11. uncledad… Yeah, Paulie was a big distraction for me also. I noticed his body language when he was talking to Biden before Obama came to the podium. His arms were folded across his chest in a defensive shut you out position. Maybe I was reading him wrong, but I’d agree he appeared palpably contemptuous of anything Obama had to say.

  12. “His arms were folded across his chest in a defensive shut you out position”

    Yeah I noticed that as well, not unusual given the fact that Joe practically made him cry and then mopped the floor with him during the 2012 VP debates! Ryan strikes me as the typical republican, entitled, self centered, I got mine fuck the rest of the world, hell the guy collected SSi while he was a kid and now he wants to eliminate it! It really is amazing that he is what passes for a “moderate” republicant these days, the media seems to love him without question. He comes off as a little prick to me!

  13. uncledad,
    “Privatizing” Ryan is a big prick – and not in the white guy “schlong” sense!

    The little pricks in the media worship him, because… because… BECAUSE SHUT-UP THAT’S WHY!!!

    That, and he’s not Hillary!

  14. Yeah, arm folded across the chest is definitely a defensive, shut you out position. I would love to know what Biden was saying all that time. He certainly was chatty.
    Swami: Lost in the fifties is not a bad place to be (at least for me, I was young and innocent then). Also naive, those were the good ol’ days. Ha Ha
    Kim Davis can’t help it, she’s just plain lost.

  15. grannyeagle… I couldn’t find a Ma Kettle video to illustrate my impression of Kim’s attire so I just related it to a period of time where her last nights attire might be in vogue. The librarian from my grade school days bore a close resemblance to Kim Davis with her ankle length gray flannel pleated skirt, abundant hips and butterfly glasses so that association relating to style is fixed in my mind.
    I’m a big fan of the 50’s music and culture.. I have fond memories of those times. The days when cars had fins.

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