12 thoughts on “Nancy Reagan, 1921-2016

  1. Sorry, not a fan.

    Between the china, glassware, silverware, dresses, shoes, and other vanity purchases with our tax dollars, I really don’t have anything good to say, so, I’ll say nothing instead.

    I don’t wish death on anyone, really.
    But that doesn’t mean I have to mourn their passing.

  2. Perhaps she’ll look past the sparkling new china amd celestial drapery, and peer out at the stars, and feel confirmation for her turning to astrology in her just-past life to guide her just-past life. Who knew that she was really a new age diva playing wifey to a glib, mean-spirited Califrornia Republicn.

  3. Now she can have a celestial tea party with Jeane Dixon and use her fine china tea cups.

  4. As one who watched a 15-year downward spiral by into Alzheimer’s by a loved one, I can absolutely promise you that Nancy Reagan was president of the US, starting at least in 1986. Even Gorbachev commented on it at the Rekjavik summit. He apparently said to aides to Reagan that “something is very wrong with your president.” This was reported at the time.

    In addition, anyone who has spent any time with an Alzheimer’s sufferer knows that blank stare in the early stages of the disease when the person knows he/she should know the answer to the question posed, but not only can’t answer but really can’t pull any meaning out of the question. Deer in the headlights is too gentle. Abject terror might better describe it.

    During the time of the Reagan presidency, I worked for a bi-political group of state officials. The officials had an annual meeting in DC and normally had a face-to-face with whoever was president at the time. I left that organization in 1985, so this incident predates that time. All questions to the president had to be submitted ahead of time. At the face-to-face, Reagan read the answers from cue cards. A very conservative Republican state official said to me, basically, that there’s no there there. Reagan simply had no clue what was going on around him.

    And who can forget the press conference when Reagan was asked [I forget what], and he froze. Nancy stage-whispered to him (and all the mics picked it up), “We’re doing everything we can.” Reagan smiled and repeated Nancy’s prompt.

    The papers today are full of crap about how she was his “protector,” blah, blah, blah. Bullshit. She was the president of the United States during most or all of his second term.

  5. Anyone with any common sense can see that “just say no” is too simplistic an answer to the complicated issue of drug use. After all, humans have been altering their senses with drugs since the beginning. Only the drugs have changed, not the people.
    As for the true love story and Nancy being Ronnie’s protector, I see it more as a mommy, son relationship.

  6. Grannyeagle,
    Spot on!

    After all, Ronnie did call Nancy “Mommy” in public.

  7. grannyeagle.. I remember a comedian comparing Nancy’s solution to the drug problem to the problem of homelessness.. with a slogan of: Just buy a house!. It’s a typical dodge of avoiding grappling with the complex issues. Much the same as Rush limbaugh’s abstinence only rhetoric where all the problems of STD’s and unwanted pregnancies are washed away with a simple infallible solution that circumvents the entire arguement.

  8. Swami,
    Circumventing the argument is far easier than circumventing Rush!

    Magellan’s corpse would still be on the high sea’s trying to do that.

  9. I haven’t heard much from Rush lately..I guess Trump has usurped all his audience of haters. Who knows? Maybe dealing with ED has become more of a concern to him than that of denigrating women.

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