Donald Is Dragging Us Down

I understand Hurricane Matthew is about to reach Jacksonville and is expected to make landfall in Charleston, so everybody hang in there.

Back to the Clown Show — Sunday is the next debate, and it appears Donald isn’t prepping for that one, either. I guess this is what one can expect from a man who has never had to work for anything. He doesn’t know how to work.

However, he does know how to bullshit. He’s telling people the “feds” are encouraging undocumented immigrants with criminal records to vote in November.

“I’m sure you’re not going to write it,” Trump told reporters covering the meeting, according to a transcript posted by NBC’s Ali Vitali. “To me that’s— they’re letting people pour into the country so they can go vote.”

Trump was responding to a statement from Art Del Cueto, the vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, a union representing border patrol agents that has endorsed Trump, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Cueto said that “they’re checking the records, they’re noticing that they have criminal records but they’re setting them aside because at this point, they’re saying immigration is so tied up with trying to get people that are on the waiting list — hurry up and get them, their immigration status corrected, make them citizens,” according to Vitali.

Trump asked why that was the case, and Del Cueto answered, “So they can go ahead and vote in this election.”

Nate Silver has the Clinton-Trump chances of winning at about 80 percent to 20 percent, respectively, this morning, with less than a month to go. Barring an unforeseen calamity of some sort, Clinton will win. Will Trump concede, or will he throw a tantrum and claim he was cheated? He could be setting the country up for some long-term domestic upheaval.

12 thoughts on “Donald Is Dragging Us Down

  1. We’ve already got a long-term domestic upheaval; our very House of Representatives has been under occupation by ill-mannered grifters for going on 6 years. They’ve really been messing the place up, but the Prez has patiently refrained from sending in federal marshalls to clear them all out. I think he hopes they’ll surrender or run out of Cheetos.

  2. I’ve been saying for months that Trump won’t give a concession speech when he loses. A coupla tweets at about 2am, then some more about a week later.

    By which time you won’t be able to find a Republican in Washington who won’t say he was on the front lines fighting against Trumpism.

    They’ll all be doing the one thing they’re absolute masters at: Asking Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos, John Dickerson, etc., for a do-over. And they’ll get it.

  3. He could be sent of God to give our nation an opportunity to take stock of ourselves. You know, like a chance for a national introspection. I know that’s a long shot, but it’s as good a guess as any when it comes to trying to figure out what Trump is all about. The only things I can be absolutely certain about is that Trump will never be elected, and whatever his true motivation for running is — it’s not altruistic.
    I read an article (petition) this morning over at Huffington Post put out by a group of evangelical pastors who want to clean up Jesus’ image from the way in which he’s been sullied by evangelicals who have embraced Trump. It was kind of a refreshing read, considering how the Christian right has so thoroughly polluted the gospel message and turned it into a political cudgel.
    I’m not professing to be a Christian or trying to proselytise, but I do have enough knowledge in scripture to know that there as certain bedrock principles and values in that faith that can’t be violated while maintaining a kinship to Christ. A perfect example would be guys like Ted Cruz who tout their Christian faith as being the foundation of their character, and yet they turn around and endorse a Guy like Trump after they’ve publicly assessed and declared him as being a pathological liar. You don’t have to be a biblical scholar to understand that there is a big inconsistency somewhere between his Christian professions and political practices. And it not a matter that can be sloughed off by interpretation. It’s oil and water.

  4. Yeah, they are “pouring” over the border. So much for mental imagery,huh? Maybe he does have the best words?

  5. “He could be setting the country up for some long-term domestic upheaval.”

    Could be setting? How about, he’s already done set, as some might say.

    Trump has planted seeds that, no matter how this election goes, they are having and will continue to have a lasting and negative impact. He’s not only validated some of the craziest, hate-driven conspiracy theories in the minds of some truly dangerous people, but has urged them to act out violently. He’s mainstreamed the alt-right, put a veneer of respectability on traditional racist groups, and helped make hate speech acceptable public discourse by embracing these people in his campaign. Its why they see him as a savior.

    As to the question of whether he will concede Trump is not what comes to mind when one thinks of patriotism or doing what’s best for one’s country. In the end he cares about nothing or no one but himself.

  6. t-RUMP doesn’t give a shit about anyone but t-RUMP!
    And maybe a few family members – especially Ivanka, who he’s like to “shag.”

    So, if his legacy is further dividing an already divided country, he’ll be happy going to his grave being known for that.

    Because, outside of that, and a whole bunch of failed businesses, and tall building’s on which his name appears – and, as soon as he’s worm-chow, will quickly change names, he’d be quickly forgotten.
    Just like Leona “The Queen of Mean “Helmsley, he’ll be remembered as a huge asshole!

  7. Every election we have, bus loads of illegals are shipped in.  They unload at the polling places.  They get priority at the front of the line.  The people taking ID’s seem to just wave them through.  Every year same old thing.  Now finally we have state officials that are trying to correct the problem but, those judges just get in the way, legislating from the bench. 

    Fiction.  I know this as fiction.  But I am not trained as a literary type.  What to my amazement there is metafiction.  I do have some friends that are literary types.  I had to go to what they call in these parts “the internets” to try to get a definition of metafiction.  It helped but this was as some Limey’s say spot on.

    “You ever heard of the literary term “willing suspension of disbelief?”  Maybe the oldest of all literary devices.  You go to a play, you see somebody up on the stage stab someone with a knife and kill them.  Everyone in the audience goes “Oh my god!  He’s killed him!”  Now of course they know he hasn’t killed him.  They know that if they come to the theater tomorrow night, the same actor is going to stab the same guy again.  But.  Although the audience “disbelieves” that there is an actual murder, they willingly suspend their disbelief.  You can’t enjoy the play if you don’t.  You can’t enjoy reading a novel if you don’t willing suspend your disbelief.  There was a murder.  Cruel and unrepentant.  But a detective is on the case.  A clever and resourceful man.  And you follow his every move…wide eyed and out of breath as you rapidly turn the pages.  But.  There is no detective.  There was no murder.  There’s just you.  Turning the pages of a book.  Willingly suspending your disbelief.”

    Credit Ron. 

  8. Rekax, folks!

    t-RUMP’s, ‘grab women by their p*ssies’ – among other misogynistic attrocities – lines today, just put the nail in his coffin!
    They were also garlic, a stake, a cross, and silver-bullets, to it!


  9. I just had a chat with my wife about that, ‘Gulag. We agree that his “Trumpeteers” won’t care. After all, he could just shoot someone in the street…….
    I’m thinking T-Rump will drive the “sane” republicans away, and they will sit out the election. Things are going to Funky Towne.

  10. t RUMP will never concede–he will spend the next year yelling about how it was all “rigged “….remember when I told you so??” This alleged “man” is going to be a thorn in our side for a very long time. I have to wonder when the shooting will start. I’m way too old and “unattractive” for him to grab my pussy, but it’s so tempting to imagine what would happen if he did–either that hand would hit the floor and he’d draw back a bloody stub OR it would give me great pleasure to grab his balls and yank REALLY hard–trouble is, I don’t think he has any balls. Just a tiny little pecker and even that would be hard to catch without taking off his pants and searching.
    The very thought of what he’s going to say after he loses is gag inducing.

  11. “(T)he Christian right has so thoroughly polluted the gospel message and turned it into a political cudgel.”

    That’s about it, isn’t it? There is the standard boilerplate from the right that maintains “Islam is NOT a religion.” That generally leads into an assertion that only the “politically correct” would accept it as one, instead of speaking the truth. But, of course, to most of us, and especially the younger people, the most common association with Christianity is a whacky right wing political agenda or visions of people like Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann or Mike Pence, and that raises the same question about Christianity. That can’t be good for the faith, or more to the point, the “brand.” People like Pope Francis have a long uphill battle.

    I probably have this wrong, but, once the Buddha was confronted by a man who wanted to follow him. He had obligations to the master of the household in which he worked. So, the Buddha advised him to “practice the religion of his household.” This would mean that there are many roads to go by as long as you “seek your salvation with diligence.” So, there is a lot to be learned and admired in the Christian tradition. But, after so many decades of vicious “evangelicals,” it can be hard to bear that in mind. As I have written before, for most of the Christian right, the “Sermon on the Mount” was something that happened for other people.

    “Sembra el viento y recoge tempestades.” Is that right, Swami?

  12. I just hope the Feds have some strong cyber security aimed at possible Russian voting machine interference set up. We’ve not paid much real attention, despite warnings, about voting security like that, and this could be a dangerous situation.

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