Has He Gone Too Far?

There is talk Trump will be pressured to drop out of the race. I don’t think he will do it. Well, not unless the RNC offers to pay him tons and tons of money. What do you think?

19 thoughts on “Has He Gone Too Far?

  1. But if he does drop out, does Pence move to the top of the ticked? That would be a nightmare, too. :/

  2. After the battle of Waterloo, Victor Hugo explained the fall of Napoleon by saying that God became bored with him.

  3. Meanwhile George Will sits in the corner of a bar and weeps. Then laughs uncontrollably. Then weeps again…

  4. Only losers drop out.

    And think how pissed off the deplorables would be.

    I am guessing the mechanism for replacing a candidate at this point would possibly involve half-Pence stepping up, or Ryan or Priapus selecting from a different, establishment deplorable?

    Moot point. I think they’all all just claim Trump was misquoted and forget about all of it tomorrow.

    My concern is the Wikileak drop on HRC. I just skimmed it, but I think it could erode her lead some, just because it creates doubts about her allegiance– whether she can serve both Wall st. and Main St. Like there’s any candidate who wouldn’t have to address this question.

  5. Trump has no decency or shame so he won’t drop out. The pressure to rid the GOP of his presence has to be applied to those who surround him who want to avoid the taint of indecency that will reflect upon their own character if they remain in association with him. He’s a Jonah to the GOP and they should cast him overboard as quickly as possible if they have any hopes of salvaging any remnants of decency within the GOP.

  6. OT.. I got my ballot in the mail today..Come Monday morning it will be back in the mail with a vote for Hillary Clinton. But don’t expect me to stop speaking out against Trump. He’s a big bag of you know what! And I have a duty to my country to come against him just for what he is.

  7. I couldn’t sleep, due to laughter – and joy in my heart!!!

    Whodda thunk a misogynistic asshole would/could say something so fucking stupid?

    Well, me, for one!
    Being from NY State, and living in NYC for a long, long time – not recently, though, mind you – I’ve long been acquainted with the t-RUMPster, and his bigotry and idiotic shenanigans!

    This latest classless act, of course, will only endear him to his alt-REICH pals!

    Still, all I can say at this point, are three things:

  8. Tom’s comment raised a question for me. If you have a base that is unencumbered by the thought process, how much of an advantage is it? It is conceivable that some of HRC’s base could learn some new facts, and decide to sit out the election, as Tom said, “erode her support.” Trump seems far less vulnerable in that way.

    Regarding the sexist recording, we already have “He was a Democrat at the time.” Can, “boys will be boys” and “that was before he was born again” be far behind?

    Personally, I blame the Beatles, with that “turn off your mind, relax and float downstream” thing.

  9. If the Republican party nominated Hannibal Lecter, and he finished every campaign appearance by eating a live baby, he would still get at least 40% of the vote in the general election. That’s if the Democrats nominate Jesus Christ to run against him. And you know who evangelical fundamentalist Christians would vote for.

  10. They couldn’t even get Trump to at least sound human and fake a sincere apology without blaming the Clintons for what he said, there’s no way they’ll get him to drop out now. And while this certainly didn’t help him add supporters, and he lost some GOP establishment support, we know the deplorables are still with him, some probably even more so.

  11. He’s skeevy, and it would be sexual assault; but alas, we don’t have proof that he actually did it; for remember, he’s a braggart and a liar.
    I like the Daily News’s classy use of cats. Mraow!

  12. Both candidates try to appear as if they want serve Main Street. But their demonstrated actions are contrary to this. Which candidate would be worse in this regard?

    Of course, Trump being a creepy old man bag of shit sideshow freak obfuscates this somewhat.

  13. He won’t drop out, too many people have already cast their ballots in early voting and who would absorb the cost of reprinting millions of ballots? Ivanka can’t be trotted out to clean up this mess because I doubt she’s willing to sacrifice her brand over him.

    I bet Ted Cruz is sorry he didn’t wait just a few more days before he sealed his fate. Just goes to show timing IS everything.

  14. Trump won’t drop out, he’s said as much.

    @Stella wrote: Finally, the GOP is forced to answer the question – “At long last, have you no shame?”

    I am really hoping to hear that – or something like it – come out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth on Sunday night. She’s demonstrated her proficiency at playing rope-a-dope with this guy, this latest installment of Trump’s idiocy is like a gift for her on a silver platter. Let’s hope she makes full use of it.

  15. After long contemplation and internal struggle, I have come around to accepting the shocking reality that Donald Trump may, on occasion, tell the truth about himself.

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