X-Rated Debate?

Almost time for the debate. If you have small children, perhaps you should put them to bed first. Or lock them in the spare room with games and a bag of Oreos. Just don’t let them near the teevee.

If Trump were a sensible person, he’d try to change the subject from anything sexual and act in a statesmanlike manner.  But as a Facebook friend said, basically Trump is what you’d get if a penis became sentient. That being so, I believe he will bring up the Bill Clinton scandals from the 1990s (see Vox for a refresher). And I’m sure Hillary Clinton anticipates that and will be ready for it.

I don’t think I’ll live-blog this one; I’m very tired. But feel free to comment here while the debate is going on. Or before or after. Otherwise, there’s usually good live blogging at Talking Points Memo and The Guardian. You can follow that if you can’t bear to watch, or if the kids run out of Oreos.

5 thoughts on “X-Rated Debate?

  1. Or lock them in the spare room with games and a bag of Oreos. Just don’t let them near the teevee.

    LMAO.. 🙂 I assume tonight we’re going to get a presumably accurate measurement from Trump on how huge his schlong really is. I hear the boys at Trump’s military academy used to refer to him as “old silo”, the human tripod. But then again that could just be a false rumor started by his campaign managers.
    Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to find out how he rates Pence’s wife. I wonder if she qualifies for a “I wouldn’t kick her out of bed”?

  2. “Hey, itsa liddle-NOWNNFACK, dat my dad (really Ivana) wanted . to name me Richard, ’cause o’ my YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE DICK!

    Get it?
    Got it?

    Uriire turn, CLIT -ON!!!!!

  3. Trump threw his running mate under the bus.

    Trump threatened to use his authority to prosecute and jail his political opponent.

    Trump continues to give incoherent, nonsensical answers that are beyond nebulous.

    Trump sniffed a lot, again, and looked like a creeper behind HRC.

    I think Hillary is ignoring Trump’s attacks because you will never outshout or out attack Trump. Never. Instead, she’s just ignoring his idiocy and moving on, which the vast majority of women have to do in their daily lives.

  4. Also, Trump mewed and whined about the moderators. Journos will protect their own, at least on that, and wrote off Aleppo as “gone.” Also praised Assad, Russia, and Iran for fighting ISIS. I’m sure Republicans will cheer about that. Maybe the Alex Jones/Breitbart chemtrail-curious crowd.

  5. I’m going to put on my medical hat now. 🙂
    Donald’s sniffing could be from a deviated septum.

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