Well, That Was Ghastly

I’ll write something more extensive tomorrow. I suspect Trump’s core supporters think this was a triumph. He did manage to put Clinton on the defensive. Hell, he threatened to put her in jail.

But did he win any supporters who weren’t already with him? Hard to imagine. I thought he was a bullying creep who couldn’t answer questions about his own policy positions.

Well, like I said, more tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Well, That Was Ghastly

  1. The jail thing was astounding; the US and the FBI have spent untold millions trying to uncover criminal wrongdoing from HRC and come up with absolutely nothing. No wonder he got booed.

  2. Spinning off Tom’s comment, I remember the horrors that Susan McDougal recounted. Some weren’t satisfied with putting her in prison, they arranged made her life a living hell.

  3. I’d say the best part of the debate was the costuming.  The scrip was below average, and lacked any humor at all.  Some scenes were overacted, and the emotional content was too high in general.  The two brief cameo mentions of George Soros and Warren Buffet were weak in comparison to that of Rosie O’Donnell. The ending was touching and came none to soon, but it seemed not to fit with the rest of the performance.  The poorest part was the blocking.  Some of the movement seemed unnecessary and downright bizarre.  

  4. Mike Penance– he’s being punished for being such a covert jerk by being saddled with an unapologetic, overt jerk.

  5. Trump’s movement was clearly (though possibly unconsciously) and attempt to literally overshadow and loom over Hillary.

    Does anyone else notice his inability to form complete sentences? At his age, I suspect he will be showing ever-clearer signs of dementia as the years go by. He was confused often, had no clear thought process when questioned, and often forgot what the question was. I understand misdirection and topic-shifting, and even tangential topic drift, but his performance seemed to go far beyond intentional volitional actions.

  6. And what was up with all that snuffling during his answers? Allergies, perhaps, but it was interesting.

  7. If there was any doubt about Trump’s fitness for the office of the presidency. Last nights performance removed all doubt. ” It’s just words”…you know, like marriage vows, swearing into office, pledging allegiance, or any oath…apologies. Makes me wonder how Melania can have faith and trust in a man who dismisses the value of words after being raised and instilled with the value she claimed in saying that a man’s word is his bond. To my mind there appears to be an inconsistency in what I’m seeing and what I’m hearing.

  8. Got to agree with Maha – I doubt that the Trump voters will immediately jump ship but I think there may be a significant portion of ‘likely’ voters who will stay home rather than vote for Trump, even though they can’t vote for Clinton. The effect may be enough to give democrats control of the Senate, still a close thing.

    Anderson Cooper pressed very specifically on whether Trump was guilty of acting on his declaration of groping. Trump finally denied he has – I wonder if CNN was setting Trump up for his own panel of accusers. Which also won’t matter in the polls but it may contribute to the feeling that Trump is doomed.

    Four years ago, Romney supporters were in flat denial of the polls – I am not seeing that so much this time (or am I blind to it). IMO, the factor that will contribute to GOP despair is the sense that it’s over – they picked a pervert and he’s already crashed.

    Cruz finally endorsed Trump, just a short time before this debacle. I guess Cruz was pressured by the GOP to be a team player or be disowned by the team. Now the GOP has pulled all support and major players are disowning Trump. Cruz had planned to hold the high moral ground by not endorsing at the convention, had to reconsider, and now has nothing. Pardon me if I do not cry.

  9. Dan, yes the sentence fragments and flight of ideas is evident. I think some level of Dementia may be behind this or perhaps an attempt at Palin-Speak. He forgot run on sentences and to make up a few never before heard words though.

  10. Of course Trump isn’t going to lose supporters as a result of last nights debate. I heard one of them say.. “What’s the big deal about Trump just saying some naughty words, we’ve all done that at one time or another”.
    If that’s the extent of their depth of understanding then it’s a safe assumption that nothing is going to penetrate their shallow minds.
    It doesn’t take much to see that Trump’s words reveal a pervasive sickness that inhabits many men. A core belief and understanding that women are just worthless objects whose only purpose is to satisfy male sexual desire.
    Several years ago a Florida legislator( R) made a public comment saying: The only reason women have a brain is to give life support to their vagina. All his fellow repugs just giggled and snickered, but none of them had the decency to stand in opposition to such a vile and misogynistic comment. That sick mentality is alive and well, and dwells within Donald Trump. And yet nobody in the current Repug leadership has the moral fortitude to stand against it.
    Shame on you Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, and a host of others. I commend John McCain for standing on the side of decency in regard to the issue of Trump’s moral fitness.

  11. What Swami said. When I was in high school, there was this guy named Ralph. Ralph had a mustang fastback ( same model as Steve McQueen drove in “Bullet”) and he was on the football team (first string). Although his name was “Ralph”, and not very good looking, the chicks loved him. He had this habit of degrading his dates by saying “you dumb broad”, but the girls seemed to like it. My wife dated him a few times, but when she refused to put out, he dropped her. The last I heard of Ralph, he was living outside New Orleans, and his hobby was chicken fighting. Reminds me of Trump without the golden toilet.

  12. Yeah, 59 years old and Trump was still rating women according to their breast size..”You can’t be a 10 if you have small breasts”?..Talk about an arrested development!
    Trump thinks Melania is a 10…But in my book any woman who would enter into a marriage by having to sign a prenuptial agreement is no 10. If she’s not wise enough to realize she’s joining her life to a man who puts money before love and commitment. She’s never going to get the fullness of what marriage can be. I mean, really! Nothing makes a woman feel more secure in a marriage than conditional love.

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