Please Make It Stop III

I’ve sworn off even looking at polls. In less than 72 hours the damn election will be over and the winners declared. Worst. Election. Ever.

Last night’s SNL cold open is worth watching to the end, if you haven’t seen it —

See also an explanation of the anti-Clinton insurgency at the FBI at Vox. And if Trump wins, the insurgency will make the core of the American KGB.

7 thoughts on “Please Make It Stop III

  1. Well, Nate Silver says things are stabilizing, and without a November surprise the odds are we’ll be stuck with the second most undesirable candidate in recent history (not including GWB). What I like about all this has been the opportunity to divine the actual intelligence and sanity of people around me, based on their opinions about these two. Sadly, there are many I just don’t trust anymore.

  2. This weekend’s Trumpian insanity:

    Austyn Crites held up a “Republicans Against Trump” sign. The crowd attacked him, someone said ‘gun’, and the Secret Service saved him from the mob. There was no gun, and they pressed no charges.

    This is how Trump’s thugs treat a Republican dissident.

  3. Bernie gave a great speech yesterday in Iowa, if you want to see something that puts things into perspective:

    Frankly, I’m proud of voting for the first female president in our history. Is she all I ever wanted? No. But if she wins, she’s run a far better campaign, given she’s had to faced down Russian hacking, an overwrought media, Republicans in Congress, and the FBI, than I was initially willing to give her credit for.

  4. I predict a post-election. Chaos at the polls, mysteriously crashed election computers, a toss-up in Florida and Ohio, opposite claims of fraud, 4-4 in the Supreme Court, a filibuster in the House, and impeachment proceedings starting on Inauguration Day.
    Ain’t I just a ray of sunshine?

  5. I’ll be happy to vote for Hillary!
    No qualms, at all.
    She’s smart, tough, and prepared – in other words, the exact opposite of her opponent.

  6. I voted for Hillary.. with absolutely no reservations about her fitness to be President of the United States.
    Trump on the other hand is an absolute disgrace and moral degenerate who is totally unfit for any public office. He’s a big bag of shit of the highest order.

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