This Miserable Election Is Almost Done

We’ve reached the point in the election that the closing arguments are done, and we’re waiting on the verdict. I plan on spending today and most of tomorrow trying to distract myself from politics as much as possible. I plan to live blog returns tomorrow night and hope some of you will be here.

Here, watch some people being happy.

And here are puppies.

8 thoughts on “This Miserable Election Is Almost Done

  1. I’m 58, and lived through every election since 1960 – AND VOTED IN EVERY ONE SINCE 1976!
    And, YES, even the mid-terms.

    And I’ve never been as scared and pissed-off as this year – not even that disastrous 2000 election, and all of the evil consequences.

    ONE, one, more day!
    I hope I live through it……………….
    Maybe as a fund-raiser for Democrat’s, we can create an “i survived beingt t-RUMP-om this elaction!” button.

  2. I plan to do the same except I prefer cute cat videos. I plan to start the election day movie marathon with my sister after Monday Night Football, which is around 8:30ish on the west coast. Will stop back here for any final thoughts late Tuesday. You all have a great day today and tomorrow.

  3. I’ll be here Maha, hoping I can get through it with a little help from my friends. And perhaps a little wine.

    Divorcing myself from the TV is one of the best things I’ve ever done, and it’s been people like you that help me survive the isolation. Thanks!

  4. This election cycle has been sorta like a psychiatric evaluation on a national scale. I hope our nation fares as well as I did when I was court ordered to have mine.. It concluded with the sentence…”He understands the difference between right and wrong and is able to adhere to the right.”
    That means we should vote for Hillary..and kick Trump to the curb.

  5. My first vote was for Nixon. What I got was scary.

    Nevertheless, I’ve never been so scared of a Republican such as this one.

    I.just.want. this. over!

  6. The best info says HRC is up about 4% nationally and safe in the electoral vote. I have been working 8 hours a day to make sure that happens. The Senate is going to come down to NH – and it is CLOSE.

    A lot of close states will stand or fall based on GOTV – and HRC has a ground game where Trump has none, FL should go to HRC – OH is too close to call. NC leans to Trump but not by a comfortable margin. PA is safely Clinton.

  7. “they don’t call it Flora-duh for nothing”

    I’ve only been here 2 years, but I tend to concur.

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