7 thoughts on “Roger Ailes, 1940-2017

  1. His family asks that, in lieu of flowers, people save their spare change for a visit to his grave.

    There, in honor of his relentless greed, they ask that visitor’s take that spare change, and pay for peeing and pooping on his grave.

    Visitor’s must provide their own toilet-paper and handi-wipes!

  2. Let no man write my epitaph?

    Tis better to have sexually harassed and lost than to have never sexually harassed at all.

  3. Mourn a wasted life, yeah. Weep? No.

    He either meant every word (in which case he was a cruel and heartless person) or he didn’t – and sold out the nation for, granted, thirty *really big* pieces of silver.

  4. What will the world be like without Roger Ailes? A little better, I reckon.

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