5 thoughts on “The Creature Lives

  1. Seems the Repugs just want to please their master in his demand to fulfill a campaign promise. They’ve become as obedient to their abuser as Hedda Nussbaum. The American public be damned!

  2. Off Topic: Who on Earth would be dumb enough to invite Trump to address the Boy Scouts of America? Not that they are an enlightened organization, having had issues with atheists and gay persons, but at least they aspire to instill virtue and citizenship–qualities notably absent in The Imbecile. Can’t blame Trump for this one; he just behaved according to his Hobbesian nature.

  3. Here is what John Dean says Democrats need to do to beat Trump in 2020. It is the most sensible thing I have seen written:

    Democrats must focus on getting sympathetic non-voters to the polls, and bring back into the fold the anti-Hillary folks, who suffered from Clinton exhaustion—voters who are clearly not right-wing authoritarians.

    It can be found at https://verdict.justia.com/2017/07/07/altemeyer-trumps-supporters

  4. The first vote on McConnell-Cruz didn’t go well for McConnell. We’ll see how the rest fair.

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