Well, Damn

North Korea’s foreign minister announced today that the United States had declared war on his country, and therefore North Korea would be justified if it shot down U.S. bombers, even outside of their airspace. This is in response to one of Trump’s adolescent tweets. Meanwhile, the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is facing a massive humanitarian crisis, and our so-called president is doing nothing about it.

11 thoughts on “Well, Damn

  1. Well damn indeed. The world is on a quickening slow walk to potential nuclear disaster, a US territory has suffered apocalyptic devastation and our child in chief can’t be bothered with neither as he’s obsessed with indulging his his base’s racist insecurities. Meanwhile, 40% of the country thinks this is all just fine.

  2. Robert Acosta reporter just reported that this is all premeditated planned by ” U bum” and he and Sara Sanders have the gall to tell the press it is not racism.
    A rich white president is demanding all players ( 70 % NFL is black) kowtow to their rich white team owners publicly by not engaging in a respectful non violent kneel which was all about police brutality( authority demanding more of black men on the street than of others). This is a blatant demand that those “well paid” black athletes kowtow to their white overlords. That is what he says to the audience in Alabama, when he demands they be fired.
    My first reaction to the Stephen Curry and LeBron James tweets was that ” U Bum” is jealous of their celebrity and ratings, borne out Sunday by his tweeting about NFL ratings being low and his ratings being higher. He is literally jealous of their celebrity power and he has a need to make the NFL players obey his orders publicly. That was why I was glad for some teams to not take the field and be made to engage in the either or choice. “U Bum” is a manipulative personality. He demands his staff debase themselves for his amusement.
    I also thought that he was attacking Kaepernick and Curry, and it was a possible racist subtext in choosing players of mixed race appearance. after all he was in Alabama…
    Meanwhile in Puerto Rico 3 1/2 million with no power no water no cell towers, low fuel and no refrigeration for food and where is the help?

  3. Trump is a coward and a racist. Don’t expect that to change..He’ll go to his grave as the coward and racist that he is..Believe me!
    Just pray that Mueller takes him down.

  4. Amazing how Trump is doing everything he can to be rejected by anyone with an ounce of decency and still 40% cling to him. I guess he is what “guns and Bibles” amounts to now. Watched a show with Oprah interviewing a mixed panel of Trump and Clinton voters. The Trumpeters were insistent that Trump was doing great things, but had zero specifics to substantiate that claim. The Clinton voters may as well have remained silent for all the impact their words had.

  5. David Brooks, in his column in todays NYT, thinks the damage will take 20 years to repair.  Not the damage from the hurricane to Puerto Rico, but the damage done by Trump to our culture. Brooks likens Trump to 60s radicals like Abby Hoffman  “He continually goes after racial matters in part because he’s a bigot but also in part because multiculturalism is the theology of the educated class and it’s the leverage point he can most effectively use to isolate the educated class from everyone else.”

    I have issues with theology and educated class, both inaccurate or poor word choices in my book, but the bifurcation and isolation of the capable and competent seems to have validity.  I think most competent people know that tolerance and knowledge of cultural differences is a necessary skill to get almost any job done. I am aware that Brooks and I have some cultural differences.  I also know I just have to try to work around them. This type or work around skill will be especially important in provision of aide services to our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.  What Trump and company lack is just that skill.   The skill to see them as fellow Americans and to work with them in that way. 

  6. We are still at war with North Korea we have only been observing an armistice since the active fighting stopped. I am surprised that the North Korean made this mistake. Mistakes made from ignorance is usually from tRUMP – DOLT 45 the “Short Fingered Vulgarian”.

  7. I am surprised that the North Korean made this mistake.
    They didn’t make a mistake..it’s the same as a rattle snake using its rattle to let you know its time to back off. Just a way to let Dotard know that his macho posturing could bite him in the ass. There could be million of lives lost in the balance if Trump lets his fragile ego get out of hand.

    All Trump can do about North Korea is run his mouth like the mighty Oz..He’s totally impotent..I guess he could always launch a first nuclear strike and obliterate North Korea; but I don’t think the rest of the world ( China especially) would react very well to that kind of insanity..

    That’s why I continually refer to Dotard Trump as being a big bag of shit.. The only substance to his being is shit.

  8. Shakker:
    (this is a joke, and a bit goofy – I’m finding it *funny* but not *mean*, and I don’t want to delete it because I haven’t written something like this in a while. I am sorry if it comes across as mean – that honestly isn’t my intent.)

    That’s a very good point. As you know, clear communication is about making sure that you discuss all technicalities, rather than making minor simplifications that would make the statement short and the meaning obvious. Of course, by “clear” communication, I don’t mean “transparent” – I’m using a slightly different meaning, indicating that meaning can be properly inferred easily, by an appropriate audience. And by “minor” simplifications, I mean eliding portions that are only of interest to pedants. And by “communications,” I am, of course, including a statement by a person whose native language likely wasn’t English.

    And, of course, when I said it was a “good point” one might consider – using one as a gender neutral for any member of the audience, defined as anyone who sees both of our comments in proximity, and understands that mine is a response to yours – that I might have been using irony, to attempt to convey the opposite of the meaning of the statement if I’d made it clear, by which I mean, “a statement whose meaning can be reasonably inferred by commonly used definitions of the word”.

    For a serious response:
    I think it’s a fair simplification, honestly. North Korea has been given reason to suspect we may resume hostilities.

  9. The flag and national anthem are symbols that do not need to be worshipped. I stand up for the national anthem; but, I don’t put my hand over my heart–not since grade school. I just had my 72nd birthday and don’t often stand for anything any more.

    As an American Indian, I have told most of my friends that the flag does not represent freedom for American Indians. I am an avid football fan, which is the fault of my older brother, who controlled the 13-inch second tv that we had. I was about 8 years old then. As far as football is concerned, Alabama consists of fans of Alabama and Auburn football so rabid that they would riot if football was taken away from them. It has been speculated that president* is doing this to keep people from noticing the news about how his administration has been using “private” servers for their email. Why isn’t Congress gearing up investigations on this . . . IOKIYAR. I hate Donald Trump and I hate every American who voted for him. I am normally a “love thy neighbor” person; but, not any more.

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