No time to post today, but you must have heard about Trump’s scuttling of Obamacare. Please discuss.

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  1. A number of doctors’ organizations (representing family practice, OB-GYN, pediatrics, internal medicine, osteopathy, and psychiatry) have already issued statements condemning the move. The insurance companies cannot be far behind, not to mention the hospitals.

    But the American Academy of Dimwits and Yahoos has applauded the move, so it all sort of balances out.

  2. NPR has a good review of the change. It looks like the government will end up paying more, someone has cut off his nose to spite his face.

  3. Does a big bag of shit ring a bell as an all encompassing descriptor of Dotard?
    I’d have to go back and check, but I think Marvel comics had a character who fit Trump’s temperament and behaviors to a tee. The Destroyer!

  4. All of the people of the world need protection from that Cheetos-Colored-Fatal-Malignancy:

    We need HelpFromTrumpDon’tCare!

    If anyone is interested, ‘ll talk about what I went through health-wise over the weekend.

  5. Let’s see if the Democrats are at all capable of putting this fiasco, long in the making, squarely in the laps of the Republicans, who have owned this issue (i.e., caused the failure of the ACA) since 2011. Not holding my breath…

  6. I’m not sure I understand what’s going on, but I got the impression from the NY Times coverage this morning that the president thinks this will force the Democrats in Congress to ‘compromise’. With the subsidies held hostage (not to mention the people whose insurance depends on the subsidies), ‘Chuck and Nancy’ to come up with the ‘replacement’ for ACA that the Republicans failed to produce for him to sign this summer.
    I’m not sure I believe the president thinks that systematically, but perhaps his staff does. I get the feeling the Dems won’t bite, even at the cost of hurting people, as it’s in their interest at this point for the president and his party to wholly own any failures in the health insurance industry.

  7. John M, the problem is there is nothing for Democrats to bite on. Unless they basically wreck healthcare to make room for massive tax cuts for rich people, which is what the Republicans were all about doing with their proposals, there’s not a compromise to be had. Hell, even Manchin isn’t participating in the charade.

  8. We knew this was coming, and the democrats have to make Trump and the GOP pay for it. If the ACA was failing to the extent they declare it is, there’s be no reason to do this kind of sabotage.

    That signing ceremony was especially sickening. Here you had people actually celebrating a step that would take health care from millions, including many of the “Real Americans” they represent, while potentially condemning to death millions more with pre-existing conditions.

    And if Trump wants the dems to propose something to fix the problem, there’s only one response: single payer.

  9. Another undo Obama:
    EU/NATO relations
    US State Dept, USAID, anything promoting womens equality worldwide
    Iran treaty, anything promoting arms control( expand u.s. nuke numbers to inflate his ego)
    National monuments
    Climate accord
    clean energy promotion
    epa regulations
    Russia sanctions( congress maneuvered stopped with law)
    you name it, the big baby throws his fits and undoes anything a reasonable human would be for
    There is policy, no replacement, no strategy
    Just the l’infant terrible’

    oh today I am wearing my Kaepernick shirt, because we have a constitution. see history of USFL-Trump filed a lawsuit against the NFL in 80’s, he won $3.00, He was angry that his challenge( as owner of NJ Generals) to what he claimed was a monopoly did not win in the marketplace. He is always the ego bruised baby holding grudges, trying to get back at whoever has slighted him no matter how long ago. He is trying to create a narrative that says the NFL is failing because players are insufficiently patriotic. Neither is true but no matter. He creates a narrative and expects his toadies to hop onto his train.

  10. I remember someone told T that firing Comey for treating Hillary badly would make Dems happy. Chuck and Nancy are unlikely to react in the way Trump would predict. Not everyone wants to deal with him as everything he does smears poop on everyone that comes near him.

  11. gulag …Glad to see you back. I was beginning to worry/ wonder. The confidence of recovery diminishes with age. At least that’s a thought that plays on my mind.

  12. “TrumpDon’tCare. ”

    Like it. Pure con artist he is.

    “I will be signing something probably this week which is going to go a long way to take care of people that have been so badly hurt on health care” D. Trump 10/10/17

    To stay sane I’m learning cult deprogramming techniques.

  13. Anyone watching 60 minutes last night has to be questioning the unbridled power of the drug companies with respect to the pain medicine crisis.  That they were able to quash federal investigations and ram through legislation curbing federal control of the addictive medicines during acceleration of the crisis is truly terrifying.  One begins to wonder if the drug companies may own more of our representatives than the NRA.  Are they in competition for the highest domestic body count?  It is no wonder the greed mongers want to shut down the health care system.  They might face tax increases for the treatment of addicts they appear to be facilitating.  

    Require our representatives to be like NASCAR.  They must wear decals that are size and placement correspondent to the corporations and organizations that own and sponsor them.  That way we have a better idea which ones to root for and against. 

    Wishing for a triumphant come back Gulag.

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