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  1. I’m just getting over an acute case of Trump fatigue, so I’m not my normal self. I’m on the road to recovery and hope to see that big bag of shit get bounced out of office.

  2. I’m reading – maybe true, maybe not – that House republicans are publicly blaming Senate republicans as a strategy to save their asses in 2018 primary elections. Bannon and the White House are blaming the republican Congress as a whole and they’re putting up Trump-style fascists to run against the republicans who haven’t sworn a blood oath to Trump. McConnell has not posted ANY kind of victory in the Senate which Cook has declared 50-50 to go to democrats. (I’m doubtful.) But the usual victories that accompany ownership of the White House and both ends of the Capitol Building have completely eluded republicans.

    The supermajority tradition in the Senate seems up for grabs and if the GOP loses the House impeachment all but certain, even if it would fail in the Senate. The circus would be a spectacle not seen in my lifetime. The GOP would be in serious trouble except for the loyalty to institutional corruption which you can expect from democrats which will drag down the credibility of an alternative.

  3. “Cook has declared 50-50 to go to democrats”

    As long as we have Chuck and Nancy at the helm that aint going to happen. I saw Nancy give a long presser about Title IX the other day, while an important issue it seems a bit tone deaf while we have a lawless fascist in the Whitehouse and an organized crime syndicate (NRA) running both congressional chambers? Trump and Bannon have figured out that their base responds to blood sport, Chuck and Nancy are still playing tiddlywinks!

  4. Is it only that relatively small number of those of us who follow events and engage critically on the issues who really understand what the incompetence of the Trump presidency represents? If that is the case then a vast majority of voters are kind of just bumping along, seeing Trump’s idiocy as just another form of business/politics as usual. Unless more voters clearly understand that Trump’s bumbling and mendacity is not just something to laugh at on the late night talk shows bit represents a real and quantifiable danger, we may be screwed.

  5. A lot of people are channeling Cleopatra–The Queen of denial. Some people were worried HRC would get us into war but I am seriously concerned that is where we are headed simply because the president is engaged in adolescent penis waving.

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