RIP RedState

I don’t know if this is a harbinger of anything, but there was a mass firing at RedState early today. A few writers are staying on, but many if not most have been flushed. The site’s owners, Salem Media, apparently made the decision on whom to keep and whom to toss based on two criteria: How much money the writer is making for the site (based on that writer’s page views and contract), and how loyal the writer is to Trump. Salem says it made decisions based purely on profits. RedState founder Erick Erickson, who left the site awhile back, despairs it will now be mostly clickbait.

Salem Media does a lot of conservative Christian broadcasting and publishing and also owns other right wing websites like HotAir, TownHall, Twitchy and Human Events. The people at HotAir and TownHall are likely a tad nervous.

On another cheerful note, things are looking dark for Milo Yiannopoulos.

Running out of money and down on his luck, right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos laid off the small staff of Milo Entertainment Inc. earlier this month, according to three people familiar with the situation.

Yiannopoulos’ company has fallen on hard times ever since his former patrons, Robert and Rebekah Mercer, severed their financial backing last year.

According to the sources, Yiannopoulos had been expecting to instead receive significant financial backing from the banking heir and cryptocurrency billionaire Matthew Mellon. But those hopes were dashed with Mellon’s unexpected death from an apparent drug overdose on April 16.

Now, if only something would happen to James O’Keefe …


9 thoughts on “RIP RedState

  1. The Imbecile is currently claiming a diplomatic victory with North Korea. More likely N. and S. Korea are seeking ways to chum up more with China, so as to to be less dependent on our unreliable country.

    • “More likely N. and S. Korea are seeking ways to chum up more with China, so as to to be less dependent on our unreliable country.” Makes sense to me.

  2. This article puts a smile on my face – thank you!

    I read earlier this week that Milo Y was jeered out of a bar in NYC recently. 

  3. “Salem says it made decisions based purely on profits”

    Seems those wing-nut welfare coffers are running a bit low? SAD!

  4. Off subject I know, the Russian lawyer from the Trump tower meeting, with others at that meeting reportedly at inaugural ball. So why if no "collusion", we're they there celebrating the win. Who invited them?


  5. I don't know why, but when I woke up this morning I felt that the world smelled better. 

    I attributed this to the fact that finally, at the end of April, Spring began wrestling control from Ol' Man Winter – who just doesn't want to let go here in the NE. 

    But now I find out that the improvement was probably caused by removing some of the most putrid writers from that stench factory known as Red State.

    Good riddance to bad and stinky garbage!

  6. It's really hard to make money off victimology when you're in charge of most government functions across the United States.  I'd think even harder when what you're selling requires your customers read.

  7. Isn't it interesting that when Mercer money leaves , right wing flowers die?

    And everywhere there are rightwing flowers, mercer money is at the roots?

    John Bolton, Bannon, Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica

    • Isn’t it interesting that when Mercer money leaves , right wing flowers die?

      Much of the right-wing infrastructure, from media to “think tanks” has been propped up by a handful of “family trusts” for years (Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Richard Mellon Scaife, the Koch brothers, etc). Then there’s a group called “Donors Trust” that funnels dark money from wealthy people into various right-wing causes. Wingnuts screech about George Soros funding the Left, but Soros is penny ante compared to the right-wing donors.

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