The Blood on Trump’s Tiny Hands

Today will be the opening ceremony of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. According to the most recent reports, 37 Palestinians have been killed and about a thousand more injured in demonstrations.

Haaretz is reporting that the minister Trump chose to speak at the opening today has said that Jews go to hell. That’s in the headline, which I suspect every Israeli has read today. And even better, Robert Jeffries has a bunch of anti-Islamic crap on his public website that I’m sure everyone in the Middle East is reading today. Plus,

Jeffress once said that “the dark dirty secret of Islam” is that “it is a religion that promotes pedophilia,” and that Islam is “a heresy from the pit of hell.”

Here is Jeffress’s take on the cause of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

Why is there so much conflict between Muslims and Jews today? Muslims cannot accept the fact that the eternal covenant God made to Abraham in Genesis 12 went through Isaac and not through Ishmael. Thus, the land that God promised Abraham and his descendants rightfully belongs to the descendants of Isaac (Jews), not to the descendants of Ishmael (Arabs).

Muslims didn’t like the Scripture, so they rewrote it. They came up with a fanciful story that Abraham and Hagar took Ishmael and fled to Mecca. There, Ishmael became the forerunner of Muhammad and all Muslims. They took the story of God’s blessing Abraham and Isaac, and they said, “No, it was really Abraham and Ishmael.” They took the story of Genesis 22, when Abraham took Isaac to Mount Moriah to offer him as a sacrifice, and said, “No, it was Ishmael who was offered on Mount Moriah.” They completely fabricate a story to make their point.

I’m sure Muslims are loving that. And now everyone in the Middle East knows that this creep is one of Trump’s favorite advisers. Just days after ending the Iran nuclear deal. And, of course, an hour after the Iran deal ended, Israel just coincidentally attacked Syria.

My question is, would it have been possible for Trump to screw up in the Middle East even more? What — short of nuking Jordan — would it take for Trump to screw up even worse?

23 thoughts on “The Blood on Trump’s Tiny Hands

  1. Actually, I think the Iran thing was a way to allow Iran to restart their nuke program so Israel can bomb it (bringing peace and prosperity to the entire region).

    Just a little sarcasm…

  2. The new 11 "scariest words" in the world

    "We're here from the tRUMP government, and we're here to help."   

    tRUMP is "King Midas in Reverse:"

    He's 'Emperor Shitas.'

    He doesn't just turn everything he touches into shit, but he actually turns everything he focuses his gnat-like attention on for even a nano-second, into shit. 

    Where tRUMP looks, entropy follows.

  3. Aside from promoting himself for the Nobel Peace Prize and the extension of his term of office, we have seen others frame him as Cyrus of Persia v. 2.0 and the fulfiller of a Biblical prophecy.   Now, all of us have also heard that he "keeps his promises."  But,  there seems to be a consistent pattern to the promises that he keeps.  Ending DACA, pulling out of the agreement with Iran and the Paris Climate Accord, those were all promises to destroy something.  Great, affordable health care, (everybody will be covered!) and Peace in the Middle East seem to be promises of less importance.  

    He better get Kushner on the phone.

  4. Up to 57 dead now. While IVantage and jared party in Jerusalem. Wonder how much money they were paid for this?

    How much $ was drumpf paid to blow up Iran deal?Saudis want nuclear power and Netanyahu wants a Shia sunning war evidently. 

    All so craven callous  cruel. Our foreign policy is for sale.

  5. " the minister Trump chose to speak at the opening today has said that Jews go to hell "

    I think it is fitting for Trump to have one of the many Christian Bigot Minister's at the Embassy ceremony, Trump is after all the "Jim Baker" of American Presidents!

  6. Jeffries also said that the Catholic church, rather than encouraging and covering up pederasty, was a cult from Satan.I think he just got that mixed up with Islam somehow. Islam as a satanic cult is a pretty common extremist Christian fantasy.

  7. Two epic foreign policy “fails” in two weeks! Next my month, a treaty with N. Korea where we will likely get nothing, except they’ll promise to keep quiet about their nuclear program. And this ZTE thing? Saving Chinese jobs? Sounds like putting palm out for graft.

  8. Dan, I don't think Israel wants to bomb Iran. I've seen numerous analyses that say, basically, if we – the entire US military – wanted to destroy Iran's nuclear program, it'd be like Iraq, only bigger and worse. Too many hardened sites; too big an area; too many places where activity could occur. It's the sort of thing that needs combined forces (ground, air, and armor).

    What puzzles me is, I'm not quite sure *what* they want. Do they really think Trump is crazy enough to believe the "real men go to Tehran?" (What's worse is: what if they're *right*?)

  9. Wow, uncledad.  I couldn't get through the whole video.  But, it reminded me of my favorite Jim Bakker joke. It was about the time when he was in prison and they found him trying to carve a collection plate out of a bar of soap.

  10. John bolton wants regime change . (Bolton is bank rolled by Mercer and others in middle east. )Netanyahu wants us to vanquish Iran so Israel doesn't have to. 

    Again our foreign policy  and military are for sale by Trump inc.


  11. This about says it all:

    And Kushner, the architect of Trumpian middle east peace, calls one party to a peace deal "part of the problem" and essentially deserving of mass killing.  Just goes to show this silver spooned half-wit doesn't know a damned thing about diplomacy.

    But, bottom line, this can be chalked up under “pissing off the libtards” so its a success. Nothing else matters.


  12. Listening to the WH briefing, I am in awe of the courage of the Israeli army (who has all the guns) defending themselves against the Palestinians armed with loud chants. The Israelis have repelled wave after wave of angry unarmed people and against the onslaught of defenseless people, by a miracle, the Israeli forces have suffered no casualties, while the evil Palestinians have died by the dozens. The battle will go down in history with the Alamo.

  13. US Ambassador to Israel was on NPR yesterday AM, I think – judging by his statements, it would have made more sense if he was the Israeli Ambassador to the US.

    Scariest part was when he explained that Genesis proves that God created Earth to give Israel to the Jews.  It sounded like a Talmudic story, but he used the word "Bible".  Ambassador was obviously talking through NPR to American Evangelicals, reinforcing the idea that the Old Testament is a Real Estate contract.

  14. If unrest in the Gaza and West Bank explodes in violence and the Israeli Army responds with mass executions of civilians, the Arab world, the global Muslim community, may respond. After the Arab Spring, Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia know how precarious their hold is. Even a kingdom like Saudi Arabia knows that siding with Israel against Muslims would topple the government. Europe (none to happy w/ Trump) AND the Mid-East might unify against Israeli violence which the US is the sole enabler of. I don't see a happy ending here, and under one scenario, the US may soon be on the receiving end of sanctions. We're like many Germans who disapproved of the Nazi style but liked the benefits of conquest – until Allied bombers were dropping napalm on them. Global economic retaliation against Trump and his regime won't hurt Trump, but they may be devasting to us.

  15. Some wise old man, or maybe it was just me, once said: the rich will always be with us.  I may be a little off on that quote but don't you think that today's rich are the worst lot we have seen in quite some time?  The plan is quite obvious, as the price of oil is too low.  Saudi wants it up to about $88 US.  The Russians are in favor of that also.  The supply of oil is the problem, there is just too much out there.  But, if Iranian oil was taken off the market, the problem would be solved.  

    Yesterday made it plain that unarmed humans are expendable in this unbridled greed fest, and the rich will be blessed by the evangelicals for this quest.  The American working stiff will foot the bill at the gas pump while the rich will wallow in their massive tax cuts.  Not only that, they are funding this mess by massive amounts of borrowing.  How long will it take before they blame the poor people for that too?

  16. Bernie, the American working stiff and his / her kids may also end up paying for this with their lives at the battlefront if war ends up being the solution.  And it's increasingly looking that way.

  17. Yes csm, my crystal ball has recently haunting me with similar images.  I was hoping mine was just malfunctioning. 

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