A Toxic Man

The Capital Gazette put out a newspaper today.

Yesterday’s shooter, Jarrod W. Ramos, had been waging a feud with the newspaper since an article published in 2011 described how he had been stalking and harassing a local woman. Ramos sued the newspaper for defamation, but the judge in the case dismissed it, pointing out that everything written in the article appeared to be true. He’d been issuing threats against the paper and its staff from time to time since.

So, once again, we see a man’s fanatical, entitled grievance fueling a mass shooting. And this syndrome is interconnected not just to misogyny and the gun culture, but to Trump support and terrorism around the world generally.

I’ll be traveling today and won’t be able to communicate.  Do talk among yourselves about whatever is happening.


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  1. As much as I hate to admit it, these shootings are becoming like unavoidable natural disasters, like Acts of God wherein nothing humanly possible can be done to prevent them, because guns are sacrosanct and sacred in our society.  Mass death is a worthy price.

    The momentum from Parkland seems to have died down, or maybe the media just isn't paying attention to what they are doing.  "The kids" are adept at social media, so maybe the groundswell is still building out of sight of the talking heads, which, may actually be a good thing.

    Hannity, knowing the obvious, that his patron saint Trump is almost solely responsible for creating an environment where violence against journalists is much more likely, rushes out to shamelessly blame Waters.  This from a man who is of the "thoughts and prayers" and "lets wait for all the facts to come out" crowd.  Well, no waiting this time, especially since Waters has already been thrown under the bus rather than rallied to — they could have just said, "what she really meant was" but those careerist cowards in the democratic party where as swift n throwing Waters under the bus as Hannity was in blaming her for the shooting.

    We can't win like this folks.

  2. The print you are using today is really, really small and hard for my old eyes to read.  I guess it is more of your site's quirkiness.  One of the victims was the brother of Carl Hiaasen, who has written some very good mysteries.

  3. I don't know but the news industry wasn't a great target for a mass shooting. They might just decode to promote gun control.

    On a high note (different subject), someone noted that the group with the highest suicide rate in the US is farmers.  Not sure why when Trump's out there winning for them. Soybean prices are falling like a rock – China targeted that in retaliatory tariffs. 

    Inquiring minds want to know. Will Mueller release his report before or after the mid-terms? 

    I would not bet the farm on stopping then next USSC appointment. Not sayin' don't try. Hell, yes it's important and the voter energy may be there but the political leverage isn't.

    Women stand to take the biggest and fastest hit with Roe v Wade being modified. I think the verdict in a year will be that states make their own rules. Safe and legal abortion will exist in blue states and be criminalized in red states. That's my prediction. If I was a young professional woman – and last time I checked I was none of those – I'd band together with my sisters under a professional pact – not to work in or accept a transfer to any of the states who ban women's access to health care services.  

    Suppose you are a corporation and you are served notice from millions of women, some in your employ – others certainly prospects at some time in the future – that this list of states is off limits, regardless of salary. You wouldn't shut down overnight, but if you are building or moving headquarters, you might avoid locating where you would be limiting access to skilled labor. If you are in the state government on the receiving end of an exodus of business. It can get expensive and the tax load will shift to residents and agriculture. 

    Are federal reservations excluded from state regulations? The Seminole Indian Tribe has a huge casino in Tampa excluded from state gaming rules. How might that apply to womens health, selling contraception? How about a modern "underground railroad" for those in need of abortion? 

    The result of Dred Scott was freeing the slaves after the Civil War. A bad decision creates a lot of voter energy. Women aren't going back to the 50s – they just won't and they have too much clout for it to happen. Depending on how much women are willing to exert their power, this maybe an EPIC smackdown. May take a decade, but my money is on the girls.

  4. The dickhead is going to announce the finalists for the Supreme Court nomination on July 9th. The list will include 2 women… I wonder if he'll have a swimsuit competition? It's really sad to watch how Trump has turned the nominating process into a game show format. I remember with Gorsuch he had a fellow nominee sitting in suspense, in the same room, just waiting to find out who would get the nomination. Really a low rent maneuver..straight out of the Apprentice.  

     "And the winner is"…

    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem..and for an indictment from Mueller.

  5. As for Kennedy and the SCOTUS.  Most are focusing on abortion, and that Trump’s main concern is a nominee who can be counted on to go along with the "evangelicals" long standing goal of abolishing Roe.  Not is Trump lacking intellectual ability when it comes to politics, simply follows whatever the GOP and his base wants.  But Trump himself may have been party to the abortion that Playboy bunny had of whom there is good reason to speculate the child may have been Trump’s. In any case, Trump is not as passionate or heartfelt about it as they are, and probably for that reason.

    A likely driver for Trump is stacking the court with friendlies who will pull his butt out of the fire if ever his legal fate, resulting from the Mueller investigation, hinges on a SCOTUS decision. Thus whoever the nominee is will likely go through the Trump loyalty test, and any nominee who endeavors to pass it is thus disqualified from service on the court. 

    And this is the argument democrats need to make, rather than the fools errand of trying to shame McConnell as a hypocrite for wanting to ram a nominee through immediately.  Being under investigation, it goes against reason and common sense that he is allowed to pick a judge that will be instrumental in ruling on his legal fate.

  6. doug.. The scriptures say that there is a purpose for all things under the heavens. Maybe the universe is trying to impart unto you a lesson via the twit filter? Perhaps it's intended to instill in you the virtues of patience and faith. Or is it possible the internet Gods are silently heralding you to introspection by imposing a period of reflection in the twit filter? 

    Be strong , Doug!

  7. The one and only goal of "Modern Consetvativism," is to piss-off Libtards and make us weep.

    They don't give a rat's ass about what the consequences are.

    Each Libtard tear must be worth about $100 Billion in their view.

    Keep this in your mind each and every single of every single day:

    Conservatives don't want to govern.

    They have neither the desire nor ability to govern.


  8. Swami:  I get stuck in the twit filter sometimes so appreciate your wisdom as to the purpose.  Now if you can explain the possible lesson from the universe by allowing DJT to be president, I would appreciate it.  I only know there are a lot of  emotions arising from my depths and the thoughts that follow aren't pretty.  It is depressing.

  9. Grannyeagle, it certainly is depressing, and as CUNDgulag pointed out, some people get a lot of pleasure out of our people's pain.  So, I guess we'll all have to find our own answers, yet support each other, so that we know we are in good company.  I find the best remedy for a blue funk is a good project and activity.  So, I'm doing some remodeling and I'm back to the gym three days a week.  There aren't too many social or cultural options in my neck of the woods and in the days of Trump the tractor pulls and turkey shoots are liable to make me feel worse.   You've always shown a lot of wisdom and patience, so if you have an suggestions, please share.  We're all in this together after all.

  10. grannyeagle … For me the lesson to be learned with Trump being elected is a focus on our values and our aspirations as a nation. Trump is a moral garbage pail, a cesspool, and if he serves any purpose for me it's as an example of someone who is devoid of all the qualities in humanity that I hold dear.

     I remember back during the campaign when Hillary's people put out a TV ad with the question: What are we going to tell the children? That ad struck a chord with me because I realize I'm not the end of the line, and the values I have spent a lifetime understanding and adhering to with the expectation of instilling those values, as a society, into my grandchildren can be so easily denigrated by elevating someone of Trump's despicable character to a position of leadership and authority.  

    I' m sure many times readers here have heard me ask.. How can this be acceptable? I mean really! Gee, son, when you grow up to adulthood strive to lie and deceive at every opportunity. Guard yourself to the pitfalls of compassion. Don't be taken in by the archaic notion of martial fidelity, or any fidelity other than to yourself. Never miss an opportunity to create or exploit the misfortunes and suffering of others to your own advantage. Do these things, my son, and one day you too might grow up to be President of the United States.

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