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I’m at my daughter’s for most of this week. Just keep talking among yourselves for now, thanks.

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 28: Rally signs at The Women’s March LA Rally for Families Belong Together – A Day of Action at Los Angeles City Hall on June 28, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)


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  1. Are you going to visit her in a "Reel Murkin Hartland" Red State, or a Libtard "Sanctuary" Socialist Blue State?

    Whatever.  Have a great time with her!    

  2. I believe what we are seeing, with the detention camps, the threats, and the embrace of dictators; the open violation of the emoluments clause and congress ignoring its duty as a third branch and instead acting as an adjunct of the executive, is the foundation for fascism.

    "The other is that what is being trialled is fascism – a word that should be used carefully but not shirked when it is so clearly on the horizon. Forget 'post-fascist' – what we are living with is pre-fascism."

    This is our blind spot, a reluctance to call what's happening for what it is, out of a reluctance to use the term "fascism."  We don't want to believe its happening, and even though what is happening meets almost every attribute of the definition of the term

  3. Schools now have to hold active shooter drills AND ICE warnings. Yea, sicko psychopaths in the same category as a taxpayer-funded, so-called branch of law enforcement. Don’t just abolish ICE; prosecute any agent who violated international law.

  4. Doug,

    I responded and entered it.

    Maha's onto us, I think.

    My comment disappeared.

    I suspect she knows what's been going on when she leaves.

    She probably set the twit-filter at the mention of the word "t*ga" a second home.

    An invitation is one thing.  But if other(s) can't respond?  No party.

  5. The desertion of allies NATO EU wto,the embrace of dictators and the inability of media to call propaganda what it is,  plus the attack on immigrants,  i.e. powerless.  Yes we are proto fascist.  The Christian nonprofit making millions locking up people, the purposeful manipulation of stock prices by attacking a company so you can make a profit. The list is endless.

    When will we find out how many abortions trump has paid for?

  6. After Me Lai, (Vietnam war massacre of civilians) the defense of "following orders" was examined, not only in the courts but in the military. Soldiers are taught, (I think it is still true.) that to refuse an illegal order or an order which is in violation of moral values isn't a right – it is a duty.

    Obviously, many in the military execute unarmed civilians and get away with it – usually. The standard is there, and anyone in the military who commits atrocities and gets caught can not claim "following orders" as a defense. 

    Separating parents from children is immoral. Lying to the parents (only taking the children for a bath/shower) is immoral. Promising to reunite parents w/ children in exchange for an admission of guilt and deportation is immoral. Using the deportation and never reuniting the family is obscene. This ICE has done as a matter of policy from the top down. 

    Dissolving ICE should not be a strategy of open borders, but ICE must be disbanded and a new organization built. EVERYONE in the new organization should understand their first loyalty is to the Constitution and the LAW! Everyone who puts on that new uniform should be educated tot he FACT  that violating the standards of the new agency will land the officer in jail, not the unemployment line.

    Guarding the border will be their job. It can, has and MUST be done in a humane manner. Potentially dangerous criminals should NOT be released into the US population. Spilling water jugs in the desert so migrants will die of thirst is attempted murder. There will always be a gray area, whether to release a single male with an aggressive attitude or not, but a family with children is no threat (absent other indicators of risk.) 

    ICE has become Trump's Gestapo. They lie to other police agencies as a matter of POLICY! Every peaceful method to make ICE unwelcome and ineffective is fine by me. 

  7. Swami –

    Are you bringing the booze or lining up the girls? This has to be a team effort.

  8. There's another lesson that we can take from My Lai, by looking at the example set by a true American hero, Hugh Clowers Thompson Jr.  I wish I had the capacity even to imagine how a twenty five year old man from Georgia summoned the courage to bring the massacre to an end.  Next time I find myself with a glass of bourbon in my hand, I'll drink to his memory. 

    Thompson gives us proof that even in the midst of hell and chaos, there is hope where there is courage.

    I've read about ICE and their allegiance to Trump, and that Erik Prince fellow causes some worry too.


  9. It gives me chills down my spine when I hear the kids were being taken away for a shower because that is what the prisoners at the Nazi camps were told before they were led to the gas chambers.

  10. Doug.. What? I'm a teetotaling monogamous square. I'm what is classically known as a stick in the mud. Old age and John Barleycorn has kicked my ass. You younger whippersnappers have fun…and I'll be with you in spirit.

     In the words of my dear grandmother.. "Grab all the kicks you can ,baby.. cause you only make the scene once." And don't forget to wrap that rascal.

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