Caligula 2.0

I haven’t been watching the Peter Strzok hearing, but it sounds something like a ccross between a bad high school debate tournament and a demolition derby, with elements of the Battle of Agincourt thrown in.

It’s said a high point of the day was Louie Gohmert accusing Strzok of lying to his wife. This made me wonder if we could put House Republicans to work cross-examining every man in America who has lied to his wife. This would include each other. It would keep them too busy to do anything else. Oh, well.

Do read Paul Waldman, The Peter Strzok fiasco wrecks the GOP’s bogus conspiracy theory

You don’t have to like Peter Strzok, or James B. Comey, or Robert Mueller, or anyone else involved in these various investigations. But you have to ask, and you have to keep asking: What do Republicans think the FBI actually did to effectuate this anti-Trump conspiracy they say existed to deny him the presidency? Because the facts, here on Planet Earth, show that they did what they were supposed to do: They began an investigation into this profound threat to American democracy, but kept quiet about it so it wouldn’t affect the election.

Especially in contrast to how Clinton was treated, that was either an extraordinary gift to Trump, or it was them doing their jobs precisely how they should have. But it can’t be anything else.

Basically, we’re in Caligula territory, folks.


Having stunk up the NATO summit, The Creature trotted out today and declared that he had convinced European allies to boost defense spending beyond previous targets. The European allies prompty declared they had agreed to no such thing. The Creature also boasted about receiving a “nice letter” from Kim Jong Un. But Kim is apparently having great fun making Trump look like a fool. Today the North Korean delegation stood up American counterparts at a scheduled meeting about remains of American war dead.

Well, so much for the winning. See Paul Glastris, “Winning Is Not Enough.”

8 thoughts on “Caligula 2.0

  1. Caligula's horse, Incitatus, was far smarter than all of our Congressional GOP horse's asses – combined!  

    And what Incitatus pooped out had at least double the IQ of Gohmert & S. King! 

  2. Trump also declared himself a stable genius.  Can this get anymore ridiculous?

  3. The “stable genius” probably has a wet “nappie”. Pity the fool walking under His Blimpiness. He is openly mocked everywhere, in every country, in his own staff meetings— except in the bowels (pardon the expression) of the Fox Pravda “news room”.

  4. I knew Trump would be an ass at Nato Britain and then go meet Putin and ask for praise for doing Putin's bidding.  No surprise in his behavior.

    It is all a performance for his audience: Putin.

    Standing next to Prime Minister May and calling her Theresa. Did he call the queen Lizzie?

    Pretending he did not say what he said to the Sun and pretending 34 billion check was just written 12 hours ago to Nato. Pure lies.

    And yesterday's hearing showed there is no FBI conspiracy against Trump. It is an exercise to threaten FBI, toe our party line or be destroyed.( McCabe). Loyalty oaths to Trump as precondition to employment. Like a 1930'a Stalinist purge of government. That is the real goal, not just noise and pulpit pounding. Trey Goudy wants a judgeship and is trying out to get an Oscar.


  5. Rosenstein lobs in a grenade two days before Trump is scheduled to get instructions from Putin by charging ten Russian officers in the GRU with sabotaging the election to benefit Trump.

    This is an interesting chess match. Rosenstein timed the charges to weaken Trump's intent to ally himself with Putin (his only friend in the world, it seems) and deny the efforts of Putin tp put Trump in power.

    All of this has to be put in context. The Senate just confirmed a totally unqualified Trump puppet to the Number-three slot at DOJ. If Rosenstein is fired, Mueller will be reporting to Trump through a stooge. Pulling Rosenstein gets harder with the new charges – it will play directly into obstruction AND aiding and abetting a hostile foreign power. Dangerous stuff.

    Mueller better have the evidence squirreled away in a variety of places Trump can not reach, because the next move after Rosenstein is gone will be to document for Trump what the evidence is and destroy it, IMO. If Trump can suppress the federal case and evidence, the prosecution of Donald Trump will shift to the NY State Courts, assuming Cohen can provide testimony and evidence to what Trump did illegally in NYC.

    PLEASE consider supporting the campaign of Zephyr Teachout for NY State A/G. I've met her, read her book. She's fearless and smart.


    If I were the head of CNN or MSNBC, I would start to do this as a routine practice. Ok, I’m a wee bit of a troublemaker (less so than Doug, I guess…), but every time we show Trump’s picture and use the word “President”, you suppress the fact he stole the office.

    And thank you, Mr. Rosenstein for reminding people today that The Idiot is working for a government that ain’t ours!

  7. In a good, appreciated way, Doug. My disruptions, to date, have stopped short of crossing into government airspace.

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