3 thoughts on “And Then This Happened.

  1. Of course he did.

    Totally off topic: “https://amp.businessinsider.com/eric-church-lasvegas-festival-shooting-blames-the-nra-interview-2018-7”. When you’ve lost your country music stars, you’ve lost your brand. NRA: terrorists and traitors, all.

    Back on topic: good growth numbers for the quarter. Easing back on tariffs. Farm bailout. McCaskill cyberattacks. Hoping Democratic enthusiasm will get us the House and Senate in spite of the GOP and the Ruskies turning their attention to midterms

  2. Off topic.. But the conservative side of my nature is prodding me to comment.


    I don't want to be seen as a total misogynist but when I read a story like the one above where a woman is running around showing off trophy pud pictures of her conquests I really have to recoil in disbelief. It could be I was raised in a different generation where behaviors like that coming from a woman were inconceivable and I just haven't caught up with the times. But regardless of a possible shift in generational values and differences, I have to comment that Kimberly seems to be a pretty sick girl.

    Now I'm left wondering if the picture/pictures that she was showing to her co-workers was of Donald Trump Jr.'s splendor. A match made in heaven?

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