Incompetence, Thy Name is Trump

These are all from this month.

Ryan Cooper, The comical incompetence of President Trump

Steeve Chapman, Trump’s Incurable Incompetence

Max Boot, Trump can’t do anything right — even his coverups are incompetent

John Brennan, Brennan on Trump’s Tweets: He’s ‘Incompetent,’ Knows ‘the Walls Are Closing In’

Hmm, there may be a theme here …

17 thoughts on “Incompetence, Thy Name is Trump

  1. Thinking back to when W was president, and how it was thought then that he was the dumbest man that's ever held the office.  So much so that the "real" president, for all intent and purpose, was Dick Cheney and W was just a figurehead.  

    In comparison to Trump though, W is like Einstein to Trump's Stooge.  At lease Bush appeared to have an awareness of his limitations and went along with the arrangement where the VP had more power to make decisions.  OTH, Trump's operative self-delusion has him actually believing he knows more about any subject than the experts, relying on a "gut" to guide him and thereby unwittingly shining an ever brighter spotlight on his own incompetence.

    From the perspective of the GOP, it is a “managed incompetence” that they hope doesn’t get out of hand before Trump drops a screw up on us that has epic consequences. Heck of a gamble.


  2. George W. (Dumbaya) Bush makes tRUMP seem like a blend  of  Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, TDR, FDR, LBJ, and Obama!!! 

    Some president's* suck and seem incompetent because of political and  international circumstances.

    BUT tRUMP is the first one to be so incompetent BECAUSE HE LOVES TO INITIATE THE FUCKING CIRCUMSTANCES THAT MAKE HIM SUCK worse than any prior P*OTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Several of the links above are behind a subscription paywall, so I can't access them…But if they are what the titles say they are..I love it!

  4. The Ryan Cooper piece is great, he really nails it: " It's worth remembering every now and then that Trump is horrible at being president. The basic tasks are as far beyond him as it would be for a parakeet attempting to operate the Large Hadron Collider"


  5. OY-YOY-YOY!!!!!


    I meant to say that tRUMP makes W look like the P'sOTUS I listed!!!!!!!

    I didn't even have anything to drink last night, so, no excuse! *


    * Sadly, I can't afford beer, wine, or booze.  All I have is my home-made whine (sic)…

  6. Three-fourts of the government IS funded by design. It wasn't Trump's design. I don't think McConnell ever wanted a shutdown – he was instrumental in dismantling the two-week shutdown in 2013 because it becoming a disaster for Republicans. Throughout 2018 (as far as I can tell from the evidence) McConnell and Eddie Munster passed bills peacemeal to fund the government and got Trump to sign them. I'm guessing that somebody in the West Wing noticed that if Trump just kept signing, the government would be 100% funded through a dozen different bills.

    McConnell got caught, it seems and he promised Trump he'd still be able to heve a shutdown showdown but McConnell promised Trump he'd have the most leverage after the mid- terms in a lame-duck session. I'm guessing that after the Democrats took forty seats in the House, McConnell suggested that a shutdown would drive down the GOP even further and Trump was talked out of it. Much as I despise McConnell, I see he almost navigated the GOP past the shutdown. Limbaugh and Coulter demanded Trump take the radical step of a shutdown – conservative media has more leverage than McConnell does. 

    The negotiations for ending the shutdown are going to be between McConnell and Trump. As long as Pelosi manages the PR to keep the popular perception that this is a Trump shutdown and the Democrats are willing to fund border security without a wall, the poll numbers should hit Republicans – not Democrats – if past shutdowns are a guide. At some point, McConnell has to step in to save his party if independents blame the GOP for a pointless shutdown. My guess is that McConnell will broker a budget deal with a veto-proof majority – without Trump conceeding to Pelosi. This is the closest option I see to allow Trump to save face in a defeat.

  7. Swami – most sites can be read if you are on computer, by right-clicking and choosing "incognito". There are a few which won't be accessible, but they are in the minority.


  8. As is often said, or something like it, "Leaders who do not learn from mistakes tend to repeat their mistakes".  Well what about a leader who does not even know what a mistake is?  He has never made one.  How can one imply he is incompetent if he has never made a mistake?  Our problem is painting him with imperfections.  In his world, it is your job to cover, correct, or deny that any such thing could exist.  It is your failure and your mistake.  These are the rules from the land of Alt.

    In the real world all humans make mistakes and are expected to learn from them.  In the real world, following someone who makes big mistakes, frequently turns out to be a big mistake for the follower.  Seems like we have had recently a few recent cases of followers who have come to that reality. The red hat seems now to read more like Beware of the Kool-Aid to them.  It is good era in which to be sometimes able to read between the lines.

  9. Well my mistake, I may have been projecting.  It seems several liberal authors see things this way:

    As a result, their liberal opponents start to adhere to a black-and-white vision of politics that narrows possible interpretations of any given phenomenon to either “good” or “bad.” Liberals perceive themselves only positively, as if they never made mistakes. 

    What a jolt to find this reflection about liberals from liberals in the NYT.  I am a little shaken and offer a tentative retraction of my previous critique (above).  Or are they just saying some liberals are starting to think and talk like Populists? …  identify with the aggressor so to speak.

  10. Let me be the first to wish all you Mahabloggers a Happy New Year. For a little mental exercise to keep your faculties sharp for the coming year I am providing a Wheel of Fortune type challenge  in where I provided all the needed consonants to complete the phrase…It's up to you to supply the vowels. Good luck in solving it.

    Tr_mp _s _ b_g b_g _f sh_t!

  11. Aj – I expect I will repeat this a thousand times in the next year, so don't take it personally. Voters will be making a huge mistake in the primary season if they jump to conclusions about candidates and allow themselves to be manipulated by the DNC or the media. Pundits often have an ulterior ($$$)  motive for endorsing a candidate or slamming the opposition.

    I think there will be debates and candidates will be pressed by their competitors. There's no reason anyone has to make up their mind in the first five minutes of anyone's candidacy! The actual primary elections don't start until 2020. Make factual observations about the candidates in blogs, etc. as they declare, but keep an open mind. 

    The truly sick thing about the 2016 democratic primaries is how the electorate was manipulated to endorse Clinton, by the DNC and the media. How about a robust debate with plenty of objective, factual research on the history of the candidates?

    Happy New Year, All!

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