The Dumbest Line of Questions in Congressional History

Mark the name, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY). He has set new standards of stupid in the House of Representatives. After you watch this, be advised that Massie actually has a master’s degree in engineering from MIT. So he might be presumed to know that a bachelor of arts degree in political science does not make one a scientist. Or else MIT needs to answer for this guy.

If you don’t want to watch the video — which is painful — here’s a partial transcript.


9 thoughts on “The Dumbest Line of Questions in Congressional History

  1. Seeing Kerry handle this with dignity made my day.  He is to me a national treasure.  Not a bone spur on this guy, and the guy with the bone spurs is respected by the hoi polloi (if you think hoi polloi is upper crust you made a common mistake)  as an American patriot.  I have a tiny bucket list, but if I could just shake this guys hand before I die I would budget some of my limited and valuable time for that.  He helps me adjust my growing bias against the rich.  Some do get the big picture.  They are the ones bone spurs does not hire.  

  2. Trump  people  are jerks.  This guy is an educated jerk.  Are 50 percent of white men  sucking trump #!? They love the jerk.

    Barr: he didn't want to talk about the factual Mueller report and cause alot of talk about it . But today he decided to make everybody talk about "spying" and nonfatal conspiracy theories. He is doing the Rudy thing. Yapping not giving info but a little more sophisticated ly making the subject spying. Make everybody talk about conspiracy theories on the right. 

    We knew he was hired for this.

    • Good point.  Who made Muller gospel?  Did he put the fix in to hide hiss report?  I am not much for conspiracy theories but if they have an R  by their name I just assume they are sold out.  Even Mitt on Sunday talking heads went south.  He is a moral Mormon for sure because he has only had one wife.  I think he said even Mormons will sell out but I have trouble translating from hypocrisy. 

  3. I occasionally run into engineers who have a chip on their shoulder over the fact that they have a hard science degree vs someone who has a liberal arts education. Massie is a case of misused intelligence. He's not dumb, just a blockhead. And an a$$hole for the way he disrespected Kerry. He wasn't there to get answers, he was there to win an argument.

  4. This is the dumbest line of question?

    With all due respect, maha, this is not much worse than what has come out of Gohmert's, S. King's, or the retired Ms. Bachmann's mouths in hundreds of hearings.

    The only thing that may make this worse, is that this guy is an educated dip of shite, whereas the others were born stupid, ignorant, and bigoted imbeciles, and got worse from there!

  5. So Massie is worse than stupid, he's pretending to be stupid. He doesn't like Kerry's facts so he's going to buffalo him with idiotic distractions like it's an elementary school playground.

    Christ, what an asshole.


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