Coming Attractions

Tomorrow’s testimony will feature an army officer who heard the famous “do us a favor though” phone first hand. He has released his opening statement already. Juicy stuff.

Nancy Pelosi announced that there would soon be a vote by the full House to affirm how the impeachment process will go forward. There will be public hearings soon.

8 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

  1. Yay, Nancy!

    And YAY to the Lt. Colonel, a naturalized citizen who was born in Ukraine!

    The testimony he'll give us tomorrow will come from an "unimpeachable" (pun blatantly intended) source: a man-in-uniform, a soldier, whose character will have a massive affect on the citizenry, and the body politic.  He is not some political hack.  He doesn't run around with the DC politico's.  He has served both D's and R's.

    It will be hard even for the most ruthlessly evil Republican BS media sausage-makers to assail this man and his character!  But they will, of course, try.  Their Tangerine Idi Amin will insist that poo be flung!

    How can conservatives, who have no character, attack a man who has one?  The word "character" is not any part of the the conservative vocabulary.

    How do you attack something you don't understand?

    You cannot.


    Late.  Nighty-night!  I'll be dreaming about the upcoming impeachment!

    • I read that Faux Noise is trying to vilify this guy because he's a furriner. I hope he speaks English without an accent, because the conservative dimwits will certainly hear an accent and ignore everything else.

  2. How long before the "impeachment is illegitimate because of secret hearings" crowd start yelling "impeachment is illegitimate because of public hearings"?  I'm betting 0.3 nanoseconds…

    • They're already saying its "too late" for the impeachment inquiry vote and public hearings, simply because one wasn't held before and therefore the process is "illegitimate."  Never mind the fact that holding a vote was never a constitutional requirement in the first place.

  3. Senate Republicons, in unConstitutional move, force Nancy's hand. They are panicking, knowing full well that Rumo will be convicted in a fair fight, so are trying to force House to put in extra-lagal rules. Should get interesting, with Barr colluding with Rump to obstruct the witnesses' ability to be interviewed.

  4. I see the wisdom (once again) in Pelosi's delay of the full vote. It was better to wait for all the damning evidence to come out first, and THEN get everybody on the record about it. Had she held a vote earlier, there would've been more wiggle room for the Rs to weasel out. Timing is everything.

  5. The impeachment transitions into a public phase. Cameras. Testimony. This is theater worth watching, even if you hate politics. Democrats and Republicans are not worried about the base. It's the independent voter who is persuadable who may be persuaded that Donald is a disgrace. Many of these people will NEVER vote for Bernie or Liz. 

    They just won't vote.

    Trump has spent three years playing to the base and asking the undecided voter to 'take a chance'.  Don won and still holds the base but he NEEDS the voter who will bet a second time on him. The public hearings in the House are the whole game. If Trump is shown (It's THEATER, Democrats! Don't put veiwer/voters to sleep!) to be dishonest and craven, he's toast, regardless of how quickly McConnell dismisses the trial phase.

  6. Theater is fine so long as it’s not standard DC kabuki. I’m hoping for something more like grand guignol. 

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