Stuff to Read About Inspectors General

Just some links today; more tomorrow.

Aaron Blake, Trump’s slow-motion Friday night massacre of inspectors general

WaPo Reporters, Trump ramps up retaliatory purge with firing of State Department inspector general

Charlotte Klein, “Dangerous Pattern of Retaliation”: Trump Escalates War on Government Oversight With Late-Night Purge

Peter Wade, Watchdog Fired by Trump Was Investigating Pompeo, House Foreign Affairs Chair Says

Nathalie Baptiste, Trump Fires State Department Watchdog Who Provided Ukraine Documents to Congress

3 thoughts on “Stuff to Read About Inspectors General

  1. Yeah, funny how it happens on Fri night. This is an issue Biden should zero in on. The corruption of the Trump Clown Show compared to the lack of scandals in the Obama era. The same IG machine was in place, hired and installed long ago. No charges in eight years. 

  2. The moral wing of the Republican party is down to one person, and I bet Trump wishes he could fire him too.  Romney went on record calling the IG firings as a "threat to accountable democracy".  

    I often wonder if other Republicans are even in favor of accountability or democracy.  They have demonstrated, in general, a high tolerance for corruption and a malevolent dictatorship while they hypocritically wrap themselves in the Flag. What a spineless batch the rest of them have sunk to.  

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