If We Stop Doing Colonoscopies There Would Be No Colon Cancer!

Now there is concern that Trump was serious when he claimed he had ordered a slowdown of testing for Covid-19. It wasn’t just some shit he was saying in between his bizarre descriptions of of rape/homicides by strange dark men climbing through windows. (For a picture of the true unhinged weirdness of the Saturday rally speech, do see Jeff Sharlet, “’You Know What to Do’: Decoding the Grotesque Symbolism of Trump’s Tulsa Rally.”)

White House spokespeople are saying the remark was a “joke” or “tongue in cheek,” but I saw that part of the video, and there was no indication Trump was joking. If he was, possibly someone should tell him not to joke because he doesn’t really understand the humor thing.

Today Democrats said that money appropriated for Covid-19 testing hasn’t been spent. The Hill:

The Trump administration has yet to distribute nearly $14 billion intended to help state and local governments improve coronavirus testing and contact tracing, according to two top Democrats.

In a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Senate Health Committee ranking member Patty Murray (D-Wash.) said the administration needs to “immediately” distribute the funding.

Congress in April provided more than $25 billion to increase testing and contact tracing capacity, as well as $2 billion to provide free COVID-19 testing for the uninsured by paying providers’ claims for tests and other services associated with getting a test, like an office or emergency room visit.

But according to Schumer and Murray, the administration has no plans for how to distribute more than $8 billion out of the $25 billion, leaving communities without needed resources.

When asked if he had really slowed down testing, Trump did not give a straight answer. This is weird, since he doesn’t hesitate to lie about anything else.

So there’s that. He couldn’t just say no, I didn’t order less testing. That means he did, and he’s not sure why people think that’s a problem.

See also Andrew Solender at Forbes, “Trump Says U.S. Has Done ‘Too Good A Job’ At Coronavirus Testing As Democrats Allege Billions In Unspent Testing Funds.”

Bonus Feature: See Greg Sargent, “Trump’s sparse rally crowd enraged him. His advisers just revealed why.”

Don’t look now, but President Trump may finally be realizing, with creeping dread, that there may be limits to his magical lying and reality-bending powers. He may be grasping that his capacity to mesmerize his supporters into disbelieving what their own eyes and ears are telling them is not absolute after all.


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  1. Every time I see a photo of that half empty arena (Greg Sargent's article), I'm both cheered but also worried.

    I suspect there's a lot of monkey-see monkey-do among the MAGAts, and that more and more of his followers will hang it up – I expect the snowball to accelerate. 

    A cornered psychopath is a dangerous thing. If his ego can't get an adulation fix from his base, what's he going to do now? I read that he's trying to get a TV show, which would be a really great thing to keep him occupied, rather than him attacking China.

    I cannot wait for the book by his niece, Mary Trump, PhD, clinical psychologist, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man

  2. The scene:  Two young adults.  One male, one female.  The guy is trying to talk his girlfriend into having sex:

    "Hey Babe, howz 'bout you lettin me raw-dog it tonight?  It's already good between us, but it'll be even better if I don't have to wrap my rod with a Ramses rubber umbrella, ya see?!?

    No, baby,  you won't get pregnant!

    How I know?

    Just don't test.  Don't take that preggerz test, and you don't gotta worry. 

    Look, it's like that tRUMP Flu, alright?  You, me, we never did got tested, so we never got no sickness!

    An you know I don't wanna be no daddy…  Don't need no baby.  Not me, not you!

    SO SEE!  It's scientific, Baby!  No test – no baby!  So whatchya say, Saweeeet Thang, huh?  Just say 'yes' to raw-doggin', 'n 'no' to testin'!!!



    Ya won't regret it, Baby, I swear!!! 

    Let's go!

    But remember:  No worries – NO TESTEE, NO BABEE, Baby!!!"


    Nine months later, they had some regret  And a healthy baby boy.

    They named him Ramses.  As a reminder!  And as a warning?

  3. I hear that Trump is going to be heading out to his border wall. Seems like he's getting desperate to get his magic back on track by infusing a good dose of hate among the southern border patriots. He's scrambling to reinvigorate the 2016 levels of hatred against people of color, but he has to do it in a way that makes it seem like it's only directed at non citizens. Hatred by proxy.


  4. He may be finally realizing that decency trumps corruption. 

    The choice of a trump to override everybody else is so symbolic of the republican party, it's pitiful to  witness.

  5. The pressure is on; he HAS to draw a crowd of more than 6,200 at the next rally.  I predict some very wild acts of desperation in the near future.

  6. Donald J. Trump?@realDonaldTrump

    I have authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property in the U.S. with up to 10 years in prison, per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act, or such other laws that may be pertinent…..


    6:46 AM – Jun 23, 2020


    Here he is grasping and trying to project an image of power  (Wizard of Oz style). Common sense would tell you that a law that has already been enacted doesn't need Trump's authorization to be implemented. He's trying to use the mighty I, the same mighty I used in the "I alone can fix it" construct.

     I am that I am?

  7. I'm tired of the president using the "I was just joking" excuse every time he says something stupid that hurts him politically.  How many times did your four year old son said "I was just joking" when he said something seriously wrong?  Ridiculous, and obvious evasion.  The Presidency of the United States is not a platform for joking about serious things where policy matters, especially when he is making a presidential statement.  He does not take the job seriously and that is a huge problem


  8. It's pretty obvious he wasn't joking because the statement fits every one of his previous statements and actions, going back at least as far as his wanting to refuse to let a cruise ship dock because it would make his numbers look worse.

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