So There’s a Debate Tonight

I am looking forward to the debate tonight with about as much enthusiasm as I look forward to root canal. Chris Wallace of Fox News is the moderator, and while Wallace can be an honest interviewer, he also can be a tool. We’ll see which Chris Wallace shows up tonight. I will watch some of it to see how the winds are blowing, so to speak, but may not stick it out to the end. I may or may not live blog, but you’re welcome to come here and comment.

6 thoughts on “So There’s a Debate Tonight

  1. Pelosi has said on more than one occasion that Biden shouldn't participate in a debate with Trump because of his record of dishonesty, a questionable recommendation until I read there will be no fact checking during the debate.  In answer to a reporter's question about it, Biden says he's not concerned because "the American people knows he's a liar."   The democrats should know by now you can't assume the public sees through republican lies and thus they don't need to be prepared to refute and expose them.  And tonight Biden will face the most prolific and effective (thanks to the press) liar ever.  I just hope Biden's debate prep focuses on the facts behind the lies Trump will now feel free to tell. 

    Biden's mission tonight can be summed up as exposing Trump for the fraud and failure he is.  He has to be prepared to fact check Trump himself.

  2. No way should he try to correct the lies.  That just reinforces them.  Biden needs to go on the attack and never let up.  As soon as he's on the defensive he's lost.

  3. I steer clear of the debates. Even when the candidates are above-board they've largely devolved into a battle of sound-bites and psychological battling, instead of a real discussion of ideas. Even when the candidates are genuine, the format is awful. I even shudder to read about them the next morning, and only do so because they can steer the outcome.

  4. I watched the first few minutes, but can't take the sound of Trumps voice, so I switched to the Chalkboard channel for relief.  Only observation: there was something weird about Trump's "hair" – it was fuzzy, like the broadcasters were blurring out "naughty parts" or something.  And it looks like Trump borrowed Boris Johnson's hairdresser.

  5. I don't much value live debates in any case. They're 'events', they're about rhetoric and camera angles, not thought. I call them "the debase".

    I might prefer a written exchange, but on the other hand that might turn into a flame war. On the third hand it could come with fact-checking, and be done asynchronously.



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