Well, That Was Unpleasant

I watched maybe two minutes with the sound on. Then I switched to Chopped on the Food Network and followed a live feed of the debate on my Kindle fire, no sound but with updated commentary, at the New York Times. I think the debate commission members need to consider what they’ve been doing with their lives. Nobody needs another display like that. At the very least, Trump’s mic should have been cut off.

I have a hard time believing Trump won any more voters tonight.


14 thoughts on “Well, That Was Unpleasant

  1. I made it to almost an hour before I couldn't take it anymore; and I feel like I deserve a medal for making it ghat far!

    Chris Wallace let tRUMP "Gish Gallup" this debate.

    If I had more teeth, I would have snapped a few! 


  2. Trump is out of control!

     Biden should just cancel any further debates because Trump has just showed that it's now a pointless exercise. Trump gave some real validity to the sentiment that everything Trump touches dies. It also showed the wisdom in Nancy Pelosi's saying that Biden shouldn't even bother debating Trump. Just another low for our democracy.

    I guess that my saying that Trump is a big bag of shit is like beating a dead horse, but I'll say it anyway because it has to be said…..Trump is a big bag of shit

  3. Keep in mind that the next "debate" is town hall format. As bad as last night was, if Trump tries the same gish-galloping stream of BS interruptions when a real (i.e. not media) person is involved, things are going to look even worse.

  4. At some point in the very near future, the world will stop paying attention to that jerk.

    Why bother suffering fools?  It's not my job to watch TV.

  5. I stayed away from the train-wreck but read about it, morning after. Amazed how well Biden handled it. Some good T-shirt slogans to come out of it:

    "Do you have any idea what this clown is doing?”

    “Will you shut up, man?”

    As Jennifer Rubin put it in the Wapo: "Trump’s job was to win over voters. It’s hard to believe anyone not already part of his cult would be persuaded to support a rude, blustering know-nothing. Biden remained calm and collected, showing off his knowledge and his normalcy. In this election, that puts him head and shoulders above Trump."

  6. Even though Trump turned the debate into a dumpster fire, Biden deserves a lot of credit for showing restraint, and it helped to highlight what a disaster Trump is.  

    As bad as this was, we need to have the other debates, if for no other reason to drive home the point to fence sitters that Trump is not only unfit to be president, but he's willing to burn the entire country down to maintain the presidency to save his own skin from the reckoning that's just over the horizon.

    • I agree that Biden showed some amazing restraint. But I strongly disagree that we as a nation should be subjected to a repeat of the spectacle of abuse that Trump displayed last night. I couldn't fully process all of the spectacle when I commented last night, but after thinking on what I had witnessed and analyzing the nature of Trump's comments and statements I came away with a feeling of disgust and revulsion for Trump far greater than I had ever experienced before.

      One thing I found to be a particularly vicious slander was Trump commenting that Hunter Biden was dishonorably discharged from the military. It's not like Trump was just mouthing off with ignorance in not understanding the distinction between the categories of separation from military service through different types of discharges. He intentionally smeared Hunter Biden in an effort to tear down a political opponent. That's some sick shit! It clearly shows that Trump is not restrained by any bounds of decency. And that he is capable of committing any crime to hold on to the reigns of power.

  7. Frank Rich: "Trump’s utter lack of a sense of humor or of mustering a genuine smile is a weakness Biden is honing in on". Go for it, Joe!

    I've noticed how rigid and mean Trump appears lately (even more than usual). I would be too, if my delusional world were crashing in, while on the hook for $471 million.

  8. I think there is a benefit to the debates. There won't be more votes for Biden from the debates, but there may be fewer votes for Trump – conservatives who can't stomach Trumps demeanor. 

  9. I have a modest proposal. Here it is: that when Trump loses, he turns himself in, and Biden gives him protective custody. Trump will need protective custody from his creditors. He owes hundreds of millions of dollars to the sort of people that you do not want to owe a cent to. People like "Polonium" Putin, "Human Harvest" Xi, Mister Bone Saw; and worse yet, their shadowy cronies. 

    Trump obviously seeks to hide from the law in the White House. That might work – but not if the Senate turns blue – but where can he hide from the lawless? From thugs richer than he is, because he's broke?

    I grant that prison might not be safe enough to protect Trump. After all, Epstein "committed suicide". But I think he'd be safer on Rikers Island than in the White House, which has a spotty record.

    I suppose that this Modest Proposal won't be made in public, but in private. As a British noblewoman once said, "Don't do it in the road and frighten the horses." So Biden won't frighten the horses; but he really ought to make this offer. It's an offer that Trump can't refuse.


  10. I did watch all of the debate (if you can call it that).  Trump tried his best to control the thing by interrupting and trying to draw Biden into speaking to him instead of the audience.  It was a perfect example of how Trump works, creating confusion and chaos.  As my mother would have said, "He showed himself".  That is not a compliment.  Biden did become frustrated and actually told Trump to "shut up man" when Trump kept interrupting him when it was his turn to speak.  As bad as it was, I think it would be the wrong idea to cancel the remaining debates simply because that would give Trump the message he won, reinforce his behavior.  After all, he doesn't want a debate, he wants a rally.  It really is like a 2 yr. old throwing a tantrum and getting what he wants as a result simply because his mother can't stand the behavior and doesn't know what to do to correct it.  I don't know what can be done to shut him up but I hope that the behavior will wake the public up to what kind of person he is.  He is a bully and he has no intention of changing.  I cannot put in print what I think should happen to him but it isn't pretty.  A hint:  How did they used to create permanent sopranos in young boys for the opera? This was before they allowed women to participate.  How did Michael Jackson maintain that beautiful voice as he grew into a man?

  11. I forgot to add:  Trump sounded very authoritative when he said: " Don't use the word smart with me, don't ever use the word smart."  That's because he doesn't know what it means.

  12. Trump is not skilled in language, so he might have thought he was preparing for a debacle which is similar in spelling to a debate.  For a debacle he was well prepared and performed in an outstanding manner.  I watched the whole meltdown, and few crackheads could match that performance.  Can't say it was even up to Newton Minnows standard of a vast wasteland, but Newton was ahead of his time,  Vast cesspool is more our standard fare of the day.

    The markets are having a bit of a relief rally today.  A future without Trump is more valuable than one with him the smart money says.  I tend to agree with the smart money on this one.  When green stocks are in the green it always improves my attitude and my portfolio.  

    Let's drag this one over the finish line.  Joe did his part with all the Irish hybrid vigor any fine lad of his age could be expected to muster.  

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