Waiting to Exhale

Joe Biden may go over the 270 threshold today. Assuming Arizona really is in the bag — there is some sort of disagreement going on; some sources have called it, others haven’t — Biden just needs one more state, and it could be Nevada. It could be Georgia, as Biden is only 14,765 votes behind Trump, and as of an hour ago there were 60,000 votes left to count. It’s also possible Biden will overtake Trump in the counting in Pennsylvania; it gets closer and closer. But all Biden really needs now is Arizona and Nevada. And then there will be court challenges and recounts, but I trust the secretaries of state have taken care to be ready for that.

Trump’s supporters are being whipped into a frenzy of outrage with all manner of propaganda about the election being stolen from Trump. And we knew this was coming. In Pennsylvania, some local Republican officials are refusing to count absentee ballots and instead are putting them aside for the presumed court challenge. Trump supporters have swarmed election offices in Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada to try to disrupt the vote count. So far, the counting has continued. One might reflect upon the logic of Trump’s people stopping the count while Biden is ahead, but whatever. At least, so far, my worst fears of goons with guns taking over election offices and destroying ballots hasn’t come to pass. Yet.

Have you heard about #SharpieGate? This was news to me, but some wingnuts in Arizona started a rumor that ballots marked with Sharpies instead of ballpoint pens were invalid, and a lot of poll workers were handing out Sharpies to Trump voters. How the poll workers could sort the Trump from the Biden voters was not explained. Of course, there is no problem whatsoever with ballots marked with Sharpies.

It’s unfortunately the case that a Biden victory will not wipe out the Trump cult or QAnon or the rest of the craziness pulling out country down a rabbit hole. I fear we are in for a lot more hurt and stupid in the months and years ahead. I’d consider leaving the country if I could get a passport that other habitable places would accept.

4 thoughts on “Waiting to Exhale

  1. Been on twitter too much lately. Someone tweeted that it's the farm legal team of Rudy / Sekulow  / Bondi that's challenging the various states, not any top drawer GOP legal guns – which said to the tweeter that the establishment GOP got off the Titanic and is letting Trump go under.

    Really encouraged that twitter has been tagging Trump team's nonsense with disclaimers, stating that the posting isn't official. Ditto for stuff posted by the Q Anon GOP lady. Facebook needs to get with the program.

    Really glad that PA and MI are run by Democrats, and that a repeat of the Brooks Brothers riot was squelched in Detroit.

  2. Just remember: while we're worrying about Trump stealing the election via the courts (seems less likely as vote totals keep going up) or via faithless electors (still a possibility), the DOPUS is shitting bricks every second over his impending loss of financial and legal immunity.

  3. I voted in every election since, but in 1988, my wife and I decided that for us, it would benefit our children to be raised in her home country, and since globalisation was already making it tougher, we moved to Melbourne, Australia.

    Yet I am so hanging on the edge of my seat. My anxiety is off the charts, so I am drinking more than usual.

    I am more or less accepting of a Biden/Harris win, but thinking we can do much better in the future. I was a strong Bernie Sanders supporter, and still disappointed that my fellow citizens do not understand why universal health care is so important. When you are not dependent upon your employer insurance making decisions about your health care, it means so much.

    In my case, I had a pituitary tumor, 1.75in round, and needed it removed quickly, or I could have lost vision. Found out about tumor on a Tuesday, saw a neurosurgery team by Friday, and was in getting removed the next Wednesday, Total cost, about $200 for my family to park at hospital to visit me post op.

    With universal healthcare, if there is something serious, they just fix it, no costs, no waits, they just do it, Yes, if you need a tattoo removed, you might have to wait a while to get that done.

    So from KC to Melbourne was a big change, but many, many Americans live outside the US. Australia & New Zealand are good choices. Post Covid 19, there may be opportunities, but I am hoping our young people do make America a better place to live than it is now.



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