5 thoughts on “Alex Trebek, 1940-2020

  1. "Who was the great host of the great (maybe THE greatest) TV game show, 'Jeopardy,' Alex?!?"

  2. We liked watching Jeopardy, and I have a couple favorite moments.  One was Wolf Blutzer's score after Double Jeopardy in the Celebrity games one year.  I think it was minus $4,000 plus.  Comedians usually did well on Celebrity Jeopardy.


    The other was when a contestant came on who'd appeared on the original with Art Fleming.  Alex prompted him to say that there was a difference between the two versions with the modern version being harder.  But the guy instead (accurately, mind you) said the main difference was the old version was harder because the clues didn't have the outrageous hints in them that the modern version did*.  The look on Alex's face was priceless.


    * you'll notice that a typical modern Jeopardy clue will start off with a convoluted phrase that sounds like it's asked no, say, who was the second cousin of the friend of the muse who told… etc.  But once you get to the back of the clue you see the real question is who was the Norse god of war or the like.  Always skip to the end of the questions if you're playing against others at home and can't read as fast as they.

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