Welcome to Another Episode of, Are They Really This Stupid?

Sen. Ron Johnson wants to know why the government is in such an all-fired hurry to get everyone vaccinated.

Josh Kovensky writes at TPM:

In an interview first noticed by Forbes, Johnson told right-wing Wisconsin radio host Vicki McKenna on Thursday, “Why is this big push to make sure everybody gets a vaccine, to the point where you’re gonna impose it, you’re gonna shame people.”

“I see no reason to be pushing vaccines on people, and I certainly am going to vigorously resist any government use of vaccine passports,” Johnson added.

Johnson tested positive for COVID-19 in October, as Wisconsin faced a large outbreak. The senator later used that as a justification to avoid getting the vaccine, against CDC guidelines, telling a Wisconsin CBS affiliate that he had no plans to get the shot.

All together now — is he really this stupid?

He may indeed be that stupid. He has a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Minnesota. Most of his business experience was gained by working for the plastics company owned by his wife’s family. There’s nothing in his background that suggests intellect. No offense to the University of Minnesota.

If anyone visits this blog and doesn’t already know why the government is in an all-fired hurry to get people vaccinated quickly, do read How a sluggish vaccination program
could delay a return to normal and invite vaccine-resistant variants to emerge. I’m assuming most of you aren’t that stupid.

See also Once again, we’re being held hostage by Republicans’ delicate feelings by Paul Waldman and Nation Faces ‘Hand-to-Hand Combat’ to Get Reluctant Americans Vaccinated.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Another Episode of, Are They Really This Stupid?

  1. I knew the answer to the Title Question before I read the article.  Of course, the answer is YES and it covers way more than moRon Johnson.

    The rePuknican owned government here in the Mississippi of the Midwest (aka Indiana) just passed a law forbidding the use of 'Vaccine Passports' in the state.  Stupid and mean is one hell of a combination that is the state of today's rePuke party.

  2. Yes, RoJo IS that dumb!!!!!

    Also:  RoJo is THAT dumb!!!!!

    But I'll see your Johnson, and raise you Alabama's Tommy TUMORville!!!!!


    Poor choice of words in that last sentence.


  3. Now to be fair to Johnson, it’s much bigger than one wingnut. It was a year ago that Orange Julius said “The disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning. It gets in the lungs”. Don’t click the link if you never want to see/hear the guy again. I’ll understand.

  4. Stupid is their goal. They've developed it into an artform of communication where the more outrageous the stupidity the higher their standing in the GOP social order becomes. For them it's a badge of honor and worthy of accolade.

    • Follow through.  The question in the post title is a category error, because it implies (1) that it is possible to determine whether they believe what they say, and (2) that it matters whether they believe what they say.  Both of these propositions are false.  It is all performance, all affect.  It is not even language, because it is all Schlagwörter, sonic talismans without literal meaning.  The important point is that this is now how half (possibly much more than half) of the country communicates, even among themselves.  It is a stage of cognitive devolution that has not been studied and defined.

      • Good points.  Drivel rather than discourse.  Only the Germans have proper words and inflections for  the study of this phenomenon.  Many of them defy translation to English.  

        • Gosh, I wonder what led them to do that kind of research.  (Actually it wasn't what anyone would think; it was earlier.  See Peter G. J. Pulzer, The Rise of Political Anti-Semitism in Germany and Austria [New York: Wiley, 1964]; the period he discusses is 1867-1914, and the phenomena he describes were only one of the pathologies that gave rise to the characteristic German fascination with "abnormal psychology".)

  5. Swami you nailed it, a badge of stupidity gives them status.  They can all assemble,  mask-less of course, at the gala event to find which one of them gets the coveted Tucker Carlson bone-head trophy.  The winner can stumble to the podium and dazzle us with asininity.  They could have categories like dumb lies, outrageous conclusions and the  like.  What an event!

    My favorite metaphor of the month is dumber than a horde of anti-vaxxers.  If you want to hear dumb reasons, just ask an anti-vaxxer why they opt out of  the jab.  It wears off in a few months, it gives you syphilis,  they put a chip in you,..

    One thing you will not hear is a reason that is not selfish.  The common good and the elimination of the virus for the general well being of mankind will not be mentioned.  These faux patriots refuse to make a simple no-cost, low risk, quick action that would benefit their county.  Just let one of them try to utter "Thank  you for your service" to me.



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