Welcome to Crazy World

There are multiple reports today that Trump sincerely believes he will be “reinstated” as POTUS in August.

Charles Cooke of National Review — not one of my usual sources — corroborates what Maggie Haberman says.

I can attest, from speaking to an array of different sources, that Donald Trump does indeed believe quite genuinely that he — along with former senators David Perdue and Martha McSally — will be “reinstated” to office this summer after “audits” of the 2020 elections in Arizona, Georgia, and a handful of other states have been completed. I can attest, too, that Trump is trying hard to recruit journalists, politicians, and other influential figures to promulgate this belief — not as a fundraising tool or an infantile bit of trolling or a trial balloon, but as a fact.

Cooke continues,

The scale of Trump’s delusion is quite startling. This is not merely an eccentric interpretation of the facts or an interesting foible, nor is it an irrelevant example of anguished post-presidency chatter. It is a rejection of reality, a rejection of law, and, ultimately, a rejection of the entire system of American government.

This is startling? His entire administration was a rejection of the entire system of American government. He never appeared to understand what the entire system of American government is, never mind his particular role in it.

Chis Cillizza at CNN writes that Trump has gotten worse. I don’t see worse. His head was never screwed on all the way. IMO he’s more stupid than crazy, but of course I’m not a psychologist. It’s true he’s not well connected to reality, but I think that’s because reality doesn’t interest him. He sees no profit or pleasure in reality. Bullshit, on the other hand, is gold.

Paul Campos:

Trump is reportedly more obsessed than ever with the idea that the election was stolen from him. Asking whether he really believes that is a category mistake: Donald Trump doesn’t have “beliefs” about those sorts of things in anything like the normal sense of the word. He just says whatever he wants to say with literally no regard for truth, evidence, plausibility, or anything else. As many people have pointed out he’s not so much a liar as a bullshitter in Harry Frankfurt’s classic formulation (TL;DR version: a liar has to care about the truth in order to lie about it; a bullshitter is not even interested in the truth to the limited logically necessary sense that a liar must be).

Maggie Haberman’s tweet was in reponse to something about QAnon and Myanmar, or “MIN-a-mar” as one Trump cultie pronounced it. Apparently the Q-culties have had a thing about Myanmar for a while. See How Q And Trump Deadenders Became Obsessed With Myanmar by Josh Kovensky at TPM. The culties sincerely believe that Trump gave orders to the military before he left office to stage a coup, and this will happen sometime this summer.

I believe I’ve mentioned recently that Myanmar is seriously bleeped up. Nobody wants to be like Myanmar, including Myanmar.

Also — If you missed the Chris Hayes segment on Rand Paul’s obsession with quails on cocaine, here it is. It’s a hoot.

15 thoughts on “Welcome to Crazy World

  1. tRUMP was never too tightly tethered to the ground.

    Nor was he ever accused of being anywhere within a 1,000 watts of the brightest bulb on The Ol' Broadway.

    But now it appears he's gone completely COUP-COUP FOR KKKOKKKAO-PUFFFS!!!!!

    He's mad!

    And he's the other kind of mad!!

    He's two "mad's" in one madman!!!

    And what about the 75 or so million MAGAts (AKA: Bigoted Dumbasses) who believe (thinking is above their pay-grade) that tRUMP is a combination of Nostradumbass and the Pinonochle at Dephi!!!!

    Get ready for a hot civil war soon!

    In Moscow, Vlad is laughing his ass off!


    • No need for it to get "hot," they're on a path to taking over without having to   fire a shot.  Other than democratic lawyer Marc Elias filing lawsuits against states passing voter suppression laws, they don't have much opposition at the moment.  And no one is opposing in court these fake "audits" that are now going from AZ to other states.  Thanks to two democratic senators, Manchin and Sinema, and probably others, we can't do what would really stop them, pass the new version of the voting rights act.  Sinema had the gall to say that keeping the filibuster, a senate rule and not a constitutional requirement is "saving democracy."  We have the filibuster to thank for the absurd situation of 35 votes beating 54 votes on the 1/6 commission.  That's Sinema's "democracy."  

      No shots need to be fired when you have little if any effective opposition.

  2. It's not about Trump being crazy, which is irrelevant. He is the consummate con-man. Getting people to buy his reality is what he's done his whole life, culminating in the last four years.

    Now that the GOP found a way, thru their phony audit, in one state, they're working to expand this tactic to others. That plus dangerous traitors like Mike Flynn encouraging a coup. With Jan 6 mostly in the past and largely successful for the GOP (no serious price in terms of loss of power was paid), they're ready to try again.

    Jan 6 was a dry run, a beta test. What's coming is another stress test. Expect it – bullies don't give up until they're decisively beaten down. That didn't happen on Jan 6.

  3. maha, if you missed it, Rachel Maddow went to town on Missouri's RepubliKKKLAN state legisslature!

    And the Gov!


    Watch the replay tonight!


  4. The Capitol Rioters Won

    ..Republicans are not blocking a bipartisan January 6 commission because they fear Trump, or because they want to “move on” from 2020. They are blocking a January 6 commission because they agree with the underlying ideological claim of the rioters, which is that Democratic electoral victories should not be recognized. Because they regard such victories as inherently illegitimate—the result of fraud, manipulation, or the votes of people who are not truly American—they believe that the law should be changed to ensure that elections more accurately reflect the will of Real Americans, who by definition vote Republican. They believe that there is nothing for them to investigate, because the actual problem is not the riot itself but the unjust usurpation of power that occurred when Democrats won. Absent that provocation, the rioters would have stayed home.

  5. We have two so far – insurrectionists who have pleaded guilty to felonies. My guess is as good as yours, or maybe better, having been through the grinder.  A year to 18 months. Some of the 'tourists' might be let off on misdemeanors but the people who fought with cops and/or were on the floor of the Senate or House chambers or were in the offices of members of Congress. It looks like felonies for them. 

    IMO, the DOJ needs to start buying billboard space in red states and put up their mug shot and how much time they will do in prison.  Fox won't cover it – it's bad for recruiting. I'm dead serious. I saw a Karen leaving the US Capitol Grounds Jan 6 who was soooo distraught because she was maced by a cop in the Buiding. And she declared it wasn't right because she was there for the revolution. She thought revolution was just like a picnic except you get to hang Democrats.

    Anybody can participate in a coup attempt and not be prosecuted… if they succeed. There is no constitutional right of insurrection. If you fail (and survive) you will be prosecuted and sent to prison. 

    Jan 6 was amazing in several respects but particularly in that there were so few firearms among people who shower with a Glok.  IMO, someone near the top of organizing Jan 6 decided rioters would not be shot if they didn't shoot. That's hypothesis – no one has proved it and not many are speculating. But you know me.

    It looks like there were sophisticated plans to bring guns in later if they were successful in taking hostages – guns from VA by boat across the Potomac because they anticipated the bridges would be a natural place for check-points. 

    Trump put in his people in the Pentagon to hold back the National Guard for hours.  That block has been removed – the Guard now knows they may be called upon to quell armed insurrection. The Guard wanted to reinforce DC – I've seen no evidence that the rot has spread to Pentagon leadership in strength. (Yes, there are a few idiots, but most of the Pentagon respects the Constitution.) 

    I don't see much chance of a rebellion getting to first base. These loudmouths are gonna stand back and say, "Yeah, you need to go do it." A few fools will but if they know that hundreds of the Jan 6 crows are going to prison and being stripped of the right to own a gun, they will volunteer to be in the second wave after they see how the first wave does.

    Trump talk about returning in August started right after NY said they are doing criminal investigations. Trump may want the protection of the presidency so badly that he wants a do-over. Not of the election – he wants a do-over of Jan 6 and as I see it, that can't happen. Trump would not be terrified of prosecution unless he thought there are crimes. THAT'S why Trump fought against giving up tax and bank records. 

    SO there's the tipping point – indictment. Trump wants the political power to stop prosecutions. Won't happen. Look for Trump to take an extended vacation in Scotland before NY pulls his passports as a flight risk (the  day of indictments.) The clock is ticking and the Don knows it. He's thinking he has two months.

  6. I'm not going after GULAGs record but there's a reason they can't put together a second insurrection. Trump threw EVERYONE under the bus. All the people who answered Trump's call and thought they'd get pardons – Trump didn't even pretend to do anything. 

    They will make noise for Trump but don't expect an army.

  7. moonbat,

    I came here to link to Adam Serwer's terrifying  article, but you beat me to it.

    I’ll spare you any embarrassment, so I won't say, "Great minds think alike."

    I don't think you'd ever want to admit to having your mind have ANY association with my mind!   😉

  8. Are all comments automatically moderated here?

    If not, then have I done something to offend the blog owner?

  9. Thanks for the clip on Rand Paul, who deserves way more ridicule than he normally gets.  His cost as a Senator and his disservice to this country is IMO the biggest waste of government funds I can think of in Washington.  That is my counter rant.  

    I am no expert on cocaine, but should not that cute little quail have his cocaine at least cut into a line or something.  What kind of mating behavior are they trying to elicit with that kind of an overdose?  How did they ever get funding in the first place, as you can't even get approval for research with pot?  What was done to protect the lab quail from chronic insomnia?  What procedure were employed to keep lab worker's noses out of the independent variable?  So many questions and reasons for outrage which deceptive decimal brain probably did not cover.  

    You do need a diversion though, lest someone investigate congressional complicity and executive branch co-operation in the 1/6 attack on our capitol.  


  10. Quails on cocaine

    Driving that train

    Rand Paul you'd better

    Watch your speed.

  11. Trump is delusional, and he may even be "crazy."  But the people around him, and his supporters who are with him on the creation of an anti-democratic, white nationalist “bantustan” state aren't crazy at all, even as they leverage the crazy to keep "us" distracted, laughing at them while they forge ahead.  While we're focused on holding them accountable for the 1/6 insurrection, which was designed to unconstitutionally install Der Fuhrer in office in 2020, they're already laying some serious groundwork for being able to get away with it "legally" in 2024.  They'll try to stop us from voting.  When we overcome that and outvote them, they've given red state legislations the ability to throw out at the state level certified elections.  If they take the House in 2022, they'll be in position in 2024 to do what they couldn't in 2020, and that is to complete the facilitation of throwing the election to the House, in which case, it will be given to the Trump sycophant they happen to choose for their nominee.  If they do this, we can kiss democracy goodbye, as there will be no way to remove them to prevent them from "winning" like this, regardless of the votes. Imagine, in the new white ethno-state, Trump will be their George Washington, for providing them the vision.

    I don't think "we" realize just how close they are to invalidating democracy. 


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