8 thoughts on “Donald Rumsfeld, 1932-2021

  1. This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. Oh, it's also the day that Alan Weiselberg gets indicted. I will rejoice and be glad in that also.

    It kinda has a biblical parallel to the thought processes of Job in the old testament and Alan Weiselberg in Trump's tower were they both can rightly say… "That which I've feared the most has come upon me".

    It's going to be a case of the classic Gila monster bite in that the initial bite isn't serious enough to bring you down but, it's the deadly infection transmitted by that bite that ultimately will bring you down.

    • That just because his family will be seriously endowed by the oil interests he secured them.  Just a speculative conclusion that will probably live forever int he world of unknown knowns.  

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