Sorry About the Hack

I’m just now finding out about the hack. I’ve been so discouraged I didn’t want to write anything. Anyway, I’ve contacted my web host to let them know. I am not deleting the hack posts until the techies at my host provider see them.

8 thoughts on “Sorry About the Hack

  1. If she had posted something about curing erectile dysfunction or getting rid of liver spots then maybe I would have clicked on one of her links.

    I've been blissfully married for going on 48 years, and if events ever happen where I find myself without a partner,I'd leave it at that. As satisfying and rewarding as my relationship is and has been, the amount of work to sustain a healthy* relationship is more than I'd ever consider doing again. And aside from that, I've spent all my capital of charm and good looks.

    *Healthy means the give and takes required to maintain peace, harmony and devotion in a relationship.

  2. Sounds like I missed something big.

    And no, I didn't hack, or help to hack, any one!

    I may be many things, but one thing's for sure, I'm not a practical-joker.

    In the world of practical jokers, I'm what's known as a rube.

    Also a sucker.
    A stooge.
    A victim.


  3. I'm sure glad the hack mess  is cleaned up.  There is no shortage of people who think trashing is a great pastime.  They really ought to consider getting a life.

    Along with disseminating stupid, it is one of the major problems we face in this country.  I think some call this a culture war issue, but I would prefer to call it a war against culture.  

    At least the  company formerly known as Facebook is taking some overdue heat.  Big oil, American style, is getting long overdue oversight.  Both are institutions which are known for their dissemination of trash and stupidity.  All is not totally dismal.

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