3 thoughts on “Bob Dole, 1923-2021

  1. Funny guy.

    Didn't like his politics much at all.

    If I remember right, it was Dole at some ceremony or other,  who, after seeing Carter, Ford, and Nixon, said, "There they are:  Hear no evil. See no evil.  And evil."

    See, I told you he was funny!

  2. Regardless of his politics, he was a card-carrying member of the Greatest Generation.

    Given everything since, I'm so glad they were among my parents' cohort. I miss them.

    Be sure and see James Fallows, in “‘Fools, drunks, and the United States of America’. Subscription and viewing are free.

    The main problem: A modern society, running on antique rules that are too hard to change and too easy to abuse…

    The filibuster was first used in the 1800s; became a mainstay of segregationists in the 1900s; but was routinized only in recent times, starting mainly with Mitch McConnell 15 years ago….This is not what the founders had in mind. They had seen enough of structural dysfunction in the Articles of Confederation years.


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