Well, They Dropped the Bomb

Well, they did it. Roe v. Wade is overturned.

The justices added a second decision day this week, which is unusual. Tell me that this timing wasn’t partly to take attention away from the J6 hearing.

My phrase for the day is “imperium per iudices” which is Latin for “rule by judges.” We don’t have a democracy any more. We are no longer in a great experiment of self-government. The Supreme Court is governing us now.

States have the right to force women to give birth against their wills, but not the right to regulate the carrying of firearms as a matter of public safety. Work that one out.

It won’t stop with the states, though. The criminalizers will not rest until there is a national ban on abortion.

The imperium per iudices no longer permits self-governing by the people but is determined to govern us themselves. This is a usurpation of democracy by six extremist hacks on the Supreme Court. This Court cannot be allowed to continue. The simplest way to reform the Court would be for Congress to add several new justices, which the Constitution says it can do without a Constitutional Amendment. There should be enough justices that no one president can nominate a majority of extremist hacks. But of course, this cannot be done in the current Congress with the fillibuster rule in places.

So, Step One is that neither Manchin nor Sinema should be allowed to so much as breathe from now on without somebody in their faces telling them to end the filibuster.

Sorry; I need to fume a bit for a while now.

21 thoughts on “Well, They Dropped the Bomb

  1. The Supremes’ Greatest Hits, all in one week.
    No abortions.
    Guns everywhere.
    No separation of church and state.

    And by Hits, I mean as in “hit men” [and one woman].

  2. Are we Iran yet?

    I expect the christian council, I mean the supreme court, to next declare the Ayatollah, I mean donald T to be supreme leader forever, because Allah, I mean the christian anthropomorphic superman, wills it.

    Meanwhile, I will support women's rights and planned parenthood groups to the best of my ability, but right now I have a sense of jousting with windmills.

  3. Congratulations women!

    Thanks to the Sicko Psycho Six on the SCOTUS, there'll be new job opportunities for women soon!

    Red States will start opening "Handmaid's" positions.

    No.  Not funny.  I know.

    Over half of the people in America just lost an important right.

    But don't worry, men, if Clarence Thomas and the other 5 psycho's have their way, contraception, gay rights, and other rights will be tossed aside as the Theocratic Christo-Fascists on the SCOTUS try to bend this country back to the 50's.  The 1850's.

    Having said that, I'm speechless.  Half from horror, half from fear.

    We have to speak up for women.

    Or else there'll be no one to speak up for us.

    • Thomas provided a written concurring opinion in which he openly called for cases to get to the Supreme Court so that they can continue rolling back civil rights.  He specifically identified Griswold v Connecticut and Obergefell v Hodges to be reversed.

      Barring something drastically unexpected, the Alito Court will be in control of the Supreme Court for a minimum of 15-20 years.  They have gotten a strong taste of power and it is "Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus going on before."

        • That would be one way he could rid himself of Ginny without having to divorce her, just make sure the law is retroactive.

      • I'm sure Thomas will stop rolling back the clock before he gets to the part that makes him 3/5ths of a person, right?  Right?

        • You never know. Clarence seems to be on a roll since he's gotten out from under Scalia's shadow. Clarence ain't too bright. Now he's claiming he has no idea of why he was nominated to the Supreme Court. 

  4. I haven't seen the break down of the 6-3 decision, but I assume Robert's gave up on his attempt to rehabilitate the credibility of the court.. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?

    • Roberts is more political than the other dominionists.  He agrees with the outcome; he just wanted to make Roe v Wade an empty shell that can still keep the base riled up.

  5. When you have a fetus with genetic abnormalities when you are raped no matter what your age when you miscarry. Or have ectopic, you have no right to modern medicine. It is forced birth . or sepsis.

    Most health insurance does not cover pregnancy for minors. It will cost. Disabled children will increase in number it will cost.

    Not one mention of males in this decision. As if pregnancy happens by magic. Not one male has stood up to admit how abortion helped him.

    It is 1850 or 1650. Burn the witches like Alito's hero.

  6. Are you for 86? Post Roe v Wade will not be like pre Roe v. Wade, because birth control technology has advanced. There will be smuggling of mifiprestone. It's harder to control the movement of pills than it is to control the movement of women.

    The radical right has gotten the judicial activism that they spent decades preparing for. That will have consequences. Overturning Roe v. Wade signals the start of the War on Abortion Drugs. How's that for a culture-war red flag? Abortion and drugs! Throw in the inevitable police-state power abuse and high-level hypocrisy and corruption, and you've got one for the history books. You read it here first.

    We know how previous drug wars have gone. Prohibition fails because the Invisible Hand of the Market is quicker than the All-Seeing Eye of the State.

  7. Swami,

    No, Thomas never mentioned Loving v. VA.

    Probably because Ginny would flatten his empty head with a cast-iron skillet if he even thought about it.

    Because if she didn't have him, who'd want to listen to that whacka-doodle?

    • Probably because Ginny would flatten his empty head with a cast-iron skillet if he even thought about it.

      Yeah, she might even overturn his conjugal right to partake of her flesh. And that would be terrible. He'd have to put away his Barry White albums and turn back to his old friend the Long Dong Silver video.  

  8. Medical (chemical) abortions are over half of all abortions. (I'm expanding on paradoctor's comment with a hat tip.) The battle there will be pivotal. From what I read the FDA approved RX by mail and telemedicine – so the field of battle is not what it was in '72. There's also the implication of international telemedicine – which can put the doctor completely out of reach of Alabama. 

    Suspicion and prosecution will fall on every woman who has a miscarriage. Getting a conviction will require supporting evidence that the woman investigated getting an illegal abortion – phone and/or internet records. (How well do privacy browsers work in terms of cloaking your search records and website visits?) 

    Last is Jury Nullification. We have to be willing and eager to serve on a jury. We also have to understand that the prosecution and the judge will dismiss an intelligent juror who admits any awareness of the right of the juror to disregard the instructions of the judge if he/she (the juror) believes those instructions to be wrong. (Alexander Hamilton expressed that – it may be the main reason the US Constitution allows for a jury trial in ALL criminal cases – to put the decision in the hands of citizens who will "nullify" an immoral law.)

    It's a huge understatement to say this aint over. It's barely begun.

  9. I have to comment on one issue. John Roberts has 2 adopted children as does Amy Coney Barrett. Sen. Langford is already bragging about making adoption more 'affordable'.

    For that reason alone they should be required to recuse.

    • There is no Code of Ethics for the Supreme Court;  each justice decides for themselves what is ethical.

      When you are doing God's work you do not recuse yourself from any decision regarding implementing God's Word.

  10. "Alito was attacked then for justifying his decision by repeatedly quoting someone he characterized as a “great” and “eminent” legal authority: Sir Matthew Hale.

    But Hale was hardly that, historians complained. The English judge, who lived from 1609 to 1676, sentenced “witches” to death, and wrote an infamous treatise warning authorities to distrust women who reported being raped. He also declared that in marriage, a woman placed her body under her husband’s “permanent dominion,” rendering any marital rape accusation illegitimate."

    Move over, Cotton Mather! I guess Hale came to his astute understanding of the law by scouring his dog eared copy of Malleus Maleficarum.


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