We’re Not Having the Best of Times

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These past few days have been really discouraging. The one bright spot has been that the January 6 committee is deliving on what was promised.

The Washington Post editorial board thinks that We can no longer avoid a criminal investigation into Donald Trump. David Rohde writes at The New Yorker that A Potential Criminal Prosecution of Donald Trump Is Growing Closer. See also the Boston Globe editorial board.

We can dream.

7 thoughts on “We’re Not Having the Best of Times

  1. We can dream.

    I laughed at this sentence but it really is depressing that we consider it dreaming to expect that blatant criminal activities are investigated and prosecuted when the criminal is wealthy and powerful.

  2. I think this will play out to the benefit of progressives, but not overnight. IMO, Trump was warned that he was on an illegal path to overturn the election. IMO, a handful (Stone and Rudy) conspired to bring in the most violent elements who would support Trump. (Can they prove this yet? IDK, but some Proud Boys are cooperating with DOJ.)  Eastman, Stone, and Rudy are prime candidates for prosecution – and they know how much Trump knew about the violence that was planned (and Trump seemed to accept.) 

    Here's my point. Trump's inner circle is very likely to be charged. Their only hope for reduced sentences is to talk. Trump (IMO) is aware of the legal jeopardy and he knows that being POTUS is his best defense. You will know this is true if Trump throws his hat in the ring BEFORE November aand declares that his candidacy stops any investigations by DOJ. 

    Trump won't be running to be president – he'll be running from a jail cell. His concern will be initially to get a stranglehold on the GOP (RNC and every GOP member of Congress) to force every primary contender to concede. (Fox is still actively promoting DeSantis – they don't want Trump.) 

    Trump knows his power over the GOP is weakening – he has a "nuclear" option to force compliance. Trump (I'm guessing) will demand the GOP force out all competition in the primary – crown Trump the nominee in advance – OR, if Trump loses the primary nomination, he will form his own party and run as an Independent against the GOP nominee in the General. This would, of course, doom not just DeSantis, but the GOP down-ticket – as Trump endorses loyalists in a war against the GOP. 


    • I believe that if Trump announces a run for 2024 it will be his complete undoing. It might be the only move he sees available to stave off the investigation and prosecution for his criminal acts, but in doing so he'll force the GOP to have to make a decision whether to bail on him when he announces his candidacy. As things are looking now Trump's prospects for surviving a criminal prosecution don't look very good and I don't think GOP candidates are going to toss aside their personal hopes and ambitions in an effort to support and defend an apparently losing proposition.

      I can almost guarantee that Desantis won't lay down his political ambitions for Trump. He'll turn on Trump with a vengeance while he woos the MAGA base into his camp with the intoxicating message that the MAGA movement didn't fail. Any failure was a personal failure solely on Trump's part.

      Even from a Christian perspective…If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. If Donald Trump causes the purity of the Christian agenda to be tarnished, pluck him out!

    • Doug, if you had not delivered truth to republicans…and who is that justice department working for but CYOA?

  3. Can you imagine if tRUMP actually faces real charges, the cursing, whining, wailing, finger-pointing, gaslighting, and bald-faced lying we'll hear from this dim, orange-faced sloth?

    Kinda gives me some hope!

    'I love the sound of cursing, whining, wailing, finger-pointing, and bald-faced lying in the morning.  It sounds like…  Victory!'

    Kinda makes me want to go on living!

    • I think the phrase you are looking for from Matthew 13:42 is –

      "And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth."

    • Did you notice how Trump refered to Cassidy Hutchinson as, 'that woman'? That is the same terminology that Bill Clinton used to diminish and objectify Monica Lewinsky when he was trying to escape from his wrongdoing.

       It could be nothing, but to my mind it was heard and understood as someone trying to distance themselves from the truth.


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