5 thoughts on “And Here We Are

  1. I'm not going to be celebrating until they have shackles* on that bag of shit. Although it does warm my soul to think he might be held accountable for his crimes.

    * an orange jump suit would be a nice touch also!

  2. I wouldn't mind if we brought back hanging just for him. And yes, normally I am anti-death penalty.

    • Yes.  I am also anti-death penalty, just as I am Antifa, but a hanging has some attractions, one of which is the setup, including the rope, is re-useable.  His body then could grace most any gas station roof, presuming the roof is strengthened.

  3. Per CNN

    "Jacob recalled Eastman acknowledging at one of those meetings that such a maneuver would violate the Electoral Count Act, with Jacob testifying that Eastman thought the law was unconstitutional. Jacob also described a conversation with Eastman where Eastman conceded that no justice on the Supreme Court would support his position."

    The scheme was illegal and Trump knew it.  I think Eastman should be charged first and squeezed for testimony about conversations he had with Trump – UNLESS text messages make it unnecessary. 

    • Based on appearances alone I think Clark is the guy who they should put the squeeze on. He doesn't look like a guy who can take a lot of heat. If they just threaten him with a seditious conspiracy rap he'll probably sing like a canary. And if that doesn't work they can always tell him if he doesn't spill the beans about the J6 conspiracy they'll send him to New York to be fitted with a pair of cement shoes for a dip in the East River.

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