The Trouble Trump Is In

Bess Levin at Vanity Fair has a handy-dandy guide to all the legal trouble lined up against Trump. (Vanity Fair gives you one free article, and when that’s used up try an incognito window or another browser and you can usually get to read another one.) Here is the list.

*The Classified Document/Mar-a-Lago investigation

*The Justice Department investigation into January 6/plot to overturn the election

*Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis’s criminal investigation into election interference

*The Manhattan District Attorney’s Criminal Case Against the Trump Organization, Etc.

*The New York Attorney General’s Civil Investigation Into the Trump Organization

*The Westchester County district attorney’s Criminal Investigation of the Trump Organization

*The DC Attorney General’s Criminal Investigation of January 6

*The E. Jean Carroll Defamation Suit

*Mary Trump’s lawsuit for defrauding her out of millions of dollars

*The House of Representatives’ January 6 Lawsuit

*The Eric Swalwell Suit over the attempt to stop the Electoral College certification

*The Capitol Police January 6 lawsuits

*The Metropolitan Police January 6 lawsuit

*The Michael Cohen lawsuit

*The Class Action Lawsuit Against the Trump Biz and the Trumps

*The NAACP Legal Defense Fund Voting Rights Lawsuit

*The Trump Tower Assault Lawsuit filed by five people who said Trump’s security assalted them while they were protesting in 2015

I’d forgotten about some of those. All are still pending.

Rolling Stone reports that the FBI is questioning Trump’s National Security Staff about his top secret document alibi.

Two people familiar with the matter tell Rolling Stone that the FBI has begun asking former Trump administration officials whether they’ve heard of the so-called “standing order” Trump claims to have given. In recent days, the sources say, the feds have sent interview requests to the ex-officials, including former National Security Council personnel. The FBI has asked some of them to visit local FBI field offices to answer follow-up questions concerning the ex-president, classified and highly sensitive documents, and the alleged “order.” That order, Trump’s office insisted last week, dictated that any “documents removed from the Oval Office and taken into the residence were deemed to be declassified.”

CNN reports,

18 former top Trump administration officials tell CNN they never heard any such order issued during their time working for Trump, and that they believe the claim to be patently false.

Several officials laughed at the notion. One senior administration official called it “bullsh*t.” Two of Trump’s former chiefs of staff went on the record to knock down the claim.

“Nothing approaching an order that foolish was ever given,” said John Kelly, who served as Trump’s chief of staff for 17 months from 2017 to 2019. “And I can’t imagine anyone that worked at the White House after me that would have simply shrugged their shoulders and allowed that order to go forward without dying in the ditch trying to stop it.”

Of course, we don’t know that anyone working for Trump really would have died in a ditch trying to stop Trump from taking secret documents to his residence — I am hugely skeptical, actually — but that’s the story they’re going with now.

5 thoughts on “The Trouble Trump Is In

  1. The issue is half about the trials and half about the perception of the trials by the voters. First, discount the third of voters who are absolute cultists. As these trials go down, they will not watch – but they will stick their fingers in their ears and shout, "La-la-la-la." For months and months.

    The cultists are not enough to get Trump elected, even with the election fraud tricks they have laid the groundwork for. So Trump wants to persuade conservative-leaning voters of one of two things as he gets sued and/or convicted. First, it's all persecution by the Democrats. (Don't even look at it.) Second, even if it's true, you can't vote for Democrats, so you must vote for me.

    Everything on the legal front since J6 re the former guy has only laid the groundwork for an actual trial. It's been investigative fact-finding and the filing of future action. It's all been the pre-game show. And except for fanatics like me, damn few pay attention. On this, Trump has relied and succeeded. Til now.

    I'm old enough to remember the OJ Simpson trial coverage. People are gonna know when Trump himself is on trial. The stuff in NY and GA could be televised. (For state trials, it's up to the judge – federal trials are never televised.) IMO, very few people will rely on the spin from Fox or MSNBC when they can see for themselves. I think over 70% will tune in and watch at least some of the proceedings. IMO, the result will be devastating for Trump – much of it before 2024. 

    Compare it to the Super Bowl. I could save three hours and just check the score after the game – but the drama and fun is watching the action, the ebb and flow of energy and momentum. The game is more interesting than the final score. Trump On Trial will be huge drama – the more Trump tells people not to watch, the more he will drive up ratings. My prediction is that people will see proof – it won't convince the cultists but it will be devastating to Trump's approval and prospects for reelection.

    DeSantis will present himself as an alternative to Trump without the baggage.  He'll suggest the movement is safer to cut Trump loose until the legal is resolved. Otherwise, the GOP is tied to Trump's potential misdeeds. I think the former guy knows he will be convicted and jailed unless he becomes president. Watching the cult eat itself will be fun. The primary in 2023 may destroy the GOP – the trials will fuel the fire.


  2. Trump might be in trouble, but Wiesselberg is guaranteed a stretch on Rikers. I don't think he's going to be a good fit for Rikers. On a positive note he can always write a book about his experience. He might have a little difficulty finding a good title for his book because all the good ones have already been taken. Like: Each dawn I die, In the belly of the beast, Soul on Ice, or Everything you wanted to know about sex, *but were afraid to ask!

  3. I heard an interesting theory into what tRUMP's hysterical hissy-pissy fit to the serving of a search warrant on Merde Duh Lardass was really caused by.

    You know, the fit he's had on public display since Monday, 8/8/22, when the FBI came in with a legitimate warrant and took back more documents – many of them top-secret, and super top-secret – because tRUMP had lied (AGAIN!!!!!) about having turned ALL documents over just a few months earlier.

    And a lot of people – myself included – dreamed up all sorts of mendacious, dark and evil reasons for why tRUMP wants the affadavit made public.

    We're giving him too much credit.

    tRUMP is a psychopath hell-bent on revenge, this person explained on MSNBC earlier.

    Sucks a l'Orange wants the affadavid made public so he can find out who the two "rats" are in his fetid inner-circle of grifting sociopaths.


    PS:  Tired of the little munchkins already, maha?

  4. That is quite a list.  We should be seeing his wanted poster at the local post office as soon as Biden gets rid of all his plants in the post office administration.  That task is taking quite some time.  We did get the post office to order some electric delivery vehicles.  His scum bag plants almost got away with fossil fuel burners, but that got nixed.  Yeah for small victories and yeah bigger that you are back.


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