Trump and the Right Respond to President Biden

Digby wrote a post about the Right’s response to President Biden’s speech this week. This says everything I want to say. Just go read it. Then come back.

(Among other things, righties are outraged there were Marines standing behind the Preisdent. Yes, of course no American president has ever before used military personnel as a prop for a political speech. How outrageous.)

Trump responded to the speech by claiming he is financially supporting some of the J6 defendants, and I hope there are reporters following up on that to see if it’s true. Trump has a history of claiming to have donated to or promising to donate to some cause or another, and then not doing it. I’m guessing that he hasn’t given a dime to a J6 defendant. He just said something that popped into his head that sounded good at the moment.

12 thoughts on “Trump and the Right Respond to President Biden

  1. Ok Reichies,

    We Dems will admit that maybe the Marines positioned at Biden's political address could be construed as props.

    But first, you'll have to admit, that as far as using our military as props, two marines kinda pale in comparison TO A FUCKING U.S. NUCLEAR AIRCRAFT CARRIER AS A PROP!!!!! 

    Two marines?

    Or thousands of people? 


    Thousands.   Like a small U.S. town on the sea.  A town situated – quite literally – FLOATING ON THE OCEAN.  A small town floating on the sea, with very sophisticated U.S. air and sea bases right there, outside of the town, floating along.

    You know what I'd do if I was a betting man?

    I'd run over to my bookie, and bet that by the end of the Labor Day weekend, I'd have heard or read more than a handful or two PunTWITS  explaining how now, two trumps thousands!


  2. I’m not sure what Biden intended by having Marines. But if the point the cultists are taking is that the feds will use force against an insurrection, I think Biden should confirm. 

    Dead as a door nail if they are engaged in a firefight with cops and tried convicted and sent to prison for insurrection if they are caught after the fact. 

    We are NOT talking about criticizing the administration but stocking weapons and explosives will get you on the radar and planning violence is a crime. Nothing new, either. It was a crime with Shay’s Rebellion in Washington’s time.

    • Perhaps he thought that MAGAts outside Independence Hall might overwhelm the secret service so a few Marines would be handy.  Or that showing a military presence in Independence Hall while addressing violent assaults on US democracy would remind the mullet-haired deplorables that the US government is not a bunch of unarmed Latino immigrants or Black slaves; if they think they can take over with their shotguns and hunting rifles, they are deluded.  Or he thought, let me simply remind everyone that I am the fucking Commander in Chief and when I speak, I speak for the country, not just myself.

  3. You have to look it from the Marine's perspective. It's not like you feel you're being used as a prop. It's an honor to be earned that is bestowed upon the sharpest of them for their military bearing, disciple, trustworthiness. It's an absolute insult to call them props.

    They represent the United States Marine Corp.

  4. Just to remind people.   Trump was a 4-F. Back in the day of draft card registration classifications a 4-F was the lowest possible rating a guy could recieve. It meant that you were 'unfit' for military service. I think the F stood for flunkie. I think somebody at the draft board knew right away that Trump was a piece of shit and the military should stay clear of him.

    • By claiming (a lie) that donnie had bone spurs, that all by itself put him in the 4-F category.

      I avoided the draft (very low draft number) by attending school (I was lucky to get a relatively good loan/scholarship).  Many left the US and went to Canada, among other places.

    • Trump was not unfit for service.  He was the cowardly, lazy son of a rich man and therefore excluded from service like most rich, white men were.  The Army would have greatly enjoyed having Private Bonespurs.  He would have been beaten and abused until he followed orders and marched into battle.  The Trump legacy would have best been served by having his name on the Wall and not on a bunch of tasteless buildings.

  5. If the right wants to fix some appearance problems, they have quite the unattended mess of their own.  For example, if your going to wear a tie, learn the proper length to tie the tie.  Do not dress your storm troopers in furry garb with a horned bonnet.  Or, at least put top secret documents back in the folders you stole them in.  I really shouldn't even need to mention these things, it is the republican's job to police themselves.  

    While they weren't paying attention, republicans seemed to miss the message.  The United States is a bit of a democracy and needs to operate that way.  I rather liked Biden's line about elections.  You can't have elections where the only two acceptable outcomes are We won or We were cheated.  That is well down the road away from democracy.  So too are insurrections, election tampering, election manipulation, and spreading misinformation, witness intimidation, and promotion of violent tactics.  

    These are also things we should not need to mention.  The times do suggest a refresher lesson in education for democracy is needed.  Sounds like the ones that needed it most were not paying good attention again.  Enough preaching.  We have work that needs working, not just lip service.  

    • Do not dress your storm troopers in furry garb with a horned bonnet. 

      Well, if you're making a fashion statement, wearing horns on your head might not be the best move, but if you're trying to grab someone's attention I can't think of a better accessory. Nothing says it like horns on your head.

  6. "You can't have elections where the only two acceptable outcomes are We won or We were cheated."

    Great summary!

  7. I agree with the take that Biden expertly laid a well-timed trap that the former guy would feel compelled to most eagerly and loudly jump into, pulling all the usual suspects into the trap with him.  Dark Brandon indeed!

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