Lots of News! J6 Hearings! Alex Jones Is Toast! Trump Is in the Toaster!

J6 Hearing today! I’m planning to spend the afternoon watching the teevee. Please do add any comments about the hearings to this post.

While Alex Jones was setting new standards for being an asshole, a Connecticut jury awarded some Sandy Hook parents nearly a billion dollars. And that’s just compensatory damages; I understand there may be more punitive damages. Jones’s previous penalty was from a court in Texas. Texas tort laws have been written to protect defendants and make it hard for the damaged plaintiff to get relief. This includes very strict limits on awarded damages, so whatever Jones was penalized in Texas will be whittled down considerably. But that’s Texas. Connecticut is different. The bobbleheads on MSNBC last night doubted an appeals court would lower the penalty, especially given Jones’s behavior through the trials. Jones might possibly get some accommodation in bankruptcy court someday, it says here, but we’ll see. It’s likely Jones will spend the rest of his sorry-ass life getting money wrung out of him by those Connecticut plaintiffs.

And yesterday we learned the feds have hard evidence — surveillance videos and witness testimony — that Trump had a lot of the stolen government documents he was hoarding moved after he’d been subpoenaed. This is obstruction on its face. See Aaron Blake, Trump’s fast-growing obstruction of justice problem, and Quinta Jurecic at Lawfare, Trump’s Obstruction of Justice, From Mueller to Now.

2 thoughts on “Lots of News! J6 Hearings! Alex Jones Is Toast! Trump Is in the Toaster!

  1. I was glad to see that Adam Kinzinger brought up the fact that Trump ordered the immediate withdrawl of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and Somalia with just days remaining in his presidency. I'm not sure of what his motive was, either to fulfill a campaign promise without consideration for the damage caused by such a hasty departure, or as a way to stick it to Biden to bear the brunt of criticism for such a reckless withdrawl. The GOP was screaming from the rooftops about Biden's disgraceful exit from Afghanistan. When in fact it was Trump who orchestrated it.

  2. What's hilarious / awful about Jones is that after the verdict was announced, he was defiant to his viewers, and shilling them to buy his supplements, as a way to fend off the judgment against him. Stupid marks deserve to be fleeced…

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