More News! The Goddess of Justice Is Not Smiling on Trump

What is probably the series finale of the J6 Hearings ended with a bang, with the committee members voting to subpoena Trump. He’ll probably wriggle out of it somehow, but it still was clever plot twist.

While the hearings were going on, the Supreme Court dropped an unsigned, one-sentence order that it would not reinstate Judge Loose Cannon’s order that the special master review the classified documents.

In other news, we learned that Trump formed a new company in Delaware, called Trump Organization II. Now New York AG Letitia James is asking a judge to restrict Trump’s business activities while her office sues him for allegedly committing decades worth of fraud. As I understand it, she believes Trump planned to move all his assets to the new company to put them out of her reach.

In more other news, a federal judge has denied a request by former president Donald Trump to pause proceedings in a defamation case against him brought by former Elle magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll. Trump had won a temporary pause from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, which sent the case to the appeals court in D.C. to determine whether Trump was a federal employee as defined by the law when he publicly rebutted Carroll’s story that he had raped her years ago. Trump is scheduled to be deposed in a few days, and it looks like he can’t get out of that.

All this stuff has happened within the past 24 hours. Headline at Alternet: ‘Furious’ Donald Trump ‘raging the last few days’ as legal woes pile up.

Donald Trump is “furious” and has been “raging the last few days” over three of the numerous legal cases he is facing.

According to The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, the former president’s rage is over the U.S. Dept. of Justice’s classified documents case, the defamation case against him by journalist E. Jean Carroll who alleges he raped her, and a so-called “pyramid scheme” which he and some of his family members were involved in. He is being sued for fraud in that case, and was forced to give a deposition in it last week.

Here’s a link to a story about the pyramid scheme.

On Wednesday a federal judge said Trump should not be allowed to delay the E. Jean Carroll defamation case and ordered him to give a deposition next week, refusing his request for a delay.

“Trump put out a statement yesterday excoriating E. Jean Carroll, who is suing him for defamation after she accused him of rape decades earlier.” … In his rant Wednesday night some legal experts say he established further evidence for Carroll’s defamation case. He had argued his comments were protected because he made them while being president. While that argument is in question, he now is no longer president.

Way to go, champ.

15 thoughts on “More News! The Goddess of Justice Is Not Smiling on Trump

  1. So, it is looking like "justice", then, is that orange jesus gets to go all biblical (literally and figuratively… with a Midas touch where everything turns to sh*t, not gold) in his revenge temper-tantrum and we all have to pay.

    I cant wait until the MAGA folks try to shut down the government after the elections that they try to shut down. I am still not sure what all of their grievances are, but boy do they have grievances. Heck, glad I dodged that curse but I only rend my clothing and tear out my hair at funerals, not at a grievance-fest revival tent meeting starring a rich old dude.

  2. LOOK OUT!!!

    Karma's not pulling any punches on ex-presiDUNCE Fatty Carbuncle.

    As a matter of fact, it looks like Karma has trained with Mohammed Ali, learning how after you throw a few jabs, to then mix-in some really powerful gut-punches.

    As the GREAT Hunter S. Thompson once said:  "Kill the body and the head will die."

    Karma, it's great to have you back around!

    Stick around.  We'll probably need some more help along the way.

  3. There's a moment in certain long-running situations where the tide turns. For those who suffered through George W Bush's interminable 2 terms, I would argue this moment came in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck. One of the photos from that period was Junior helplessly looking down at the hurricane's devastation, safely ensconced thousands of feet in the air in his  Presidential 747. It took a couple months, but the oxygen got sucked out of his administration, and he even stopped listening to Papa Dick Cheney's direction on the Iraq War. 

    This feels like that for Trump. With the lawsuits and investigations piling up, reaching a critical mass, he can no longer count on "his people" to save him. BTW I read on Joyce Vance's substack blog (check it out), that the advice columnist and Trump litigant Jean Carroll has a wicked sense of humor. Both she and Trump are well into their 70s, and I hope she gets justice.

    I so want to see Trump in an orange jumpsuit, and especially watch him throw his prison food against the wall. My fear is that he'll kick off before justice is really served.

  4. I don't think our news media is capable of reporting on all the anti-american behavior / scandals associated with Trump in the news nowadays. They are just overwhelmed! The committee told us today that Trump had already planned the election denials long before the election. No shit we all knew that didn't we? Many pundits are acting like this is news. The entire Republican Party insisted that republican controlled states count the mail-in votes after the polls closed, they knew Trump would be ahead before midnight, the entire thing was a setup we already knew that? For some reason we keep acting like all this is new? As bad as the news gets for Trump sometimes it seems like the more of it there is actually helps him somehow?

  5. On SCOTUS decision today, it looks like Thomas punted to the court who simply declined. Thomas could have made a temporary decision, subject to the later review by the entire court. Thomas wouldn't stick his neck out for Trump. The next hurdle is the appeal by DOJ to the 11th Circuit. One issue is jurisdiction – the question of the handling of evidence obtained in the search should have gone to the judge who authorized the search – not Judge Loose Cannon. I make no prediction, but if the 11th tells Cannon that she had no business butting into the case, I'd be thrilled.

    The sheer volume of civil cases is kicking Trump's fat ass in two ways – first, there's the narrative that Trump is a rapist and a cheat the cases bring to public perception. Second, there's the cost in time, money, and energy. Because Trump has a uuuge vanity, he's playing legal quarterback. Competent lawyers don't want to work for Trump at all, even if they get paid upfront. So critical cases are being managed by third-rate ambulance chasers who stroke Trump's ego.

    Trump may be screaming now, but none of this is criminal yet. The odds are, DOJ will file charges – the question is what charges, when, and where. GA has identified Mayor Bug-eyes as a target in their investigation. If he's charged, and Trump throws him undet the bus, will Rudy testify about everything he and Trump cooked up?  Depending on what that testimony is, will Trump be liable for criminal conspiracy to commit insurrection charges?  If NY A/G James delivers the goods in the civil trial, will NY charge Trump criminally? Will the IRS? 

    The one-eyed clown head of the Oath Keepers said today that followers need to be willing to do twenty years behind bars. There's a recruiting statement that will inspire! As the pressure builds, Trump will ramp up cries for domestic terrorism, which I don't think many will line up to commit. Trump will become more explicit in his instructions and at some point, it will become criminal. 

    Trump loves the phrase "witch hunt". As the heat gets turned up, the final line may be as with the famous witch…. "I'm melting!!!!!" 

  6. I felt a bit let down. I was expecting (1) the testimony of Ginni Thomas, and (2) the evidence of witness tampering that Liz Cheney hinted at during the last hearing. What happened here?

  7. My fantasy/hope is that the DOJ and the States carpet bomb Trump and his co-conspirators with indictments after the mid-terms. Hit him with more charges than 500 lbs. bombs that were dropped on the Ho Chi Minh trail. Hit him hard enough that he's forced to announce his candidacy for 2024.


    • Again, there is no justice, look at the damage that the GOP has done. The mendacious fools are poised to take the house and nuke what is left of the system. Lady justice is not blind, Kavinaugh rufied her and she is out back being put in her place by the good ol' boys.

      Will the low-level GOP politicos pay anything or be safe in their bunkers of shamelessness?

  8. The American system of justice is being sorely tested, and the flaws in lady justice are showing.  Right now, her scales are out of balance and her blindfold riddled with moth holes. She is a victim of flagrant manipulation, and it is waring on her.  At times she seems, this child of the Judaic-Christian ethics, has sold her soul to the devil.  One or two swallows does not a summer make, and she is up against a master criminal.  As the cosmetic surgery industry would say, she is in need of a little work.  

  9. Maybe the goddess of justice isn't smiling on Trump now, but when he gets indicted she's gonna be laughing her ass off and grinning from ear to ear.


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