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You’d think everything in the world had stopped and nothing is going on but midterm polling and campaigning. It’s hard to find not-midterm news. Here’s the best I can do:

Justice Jackson has issued her first opinion, a dissent. She and Justice Sotomayor thought a death row inmate deserved a new trial. The rest of the Court disagreed.

This is only sorta kinda midterm news. The feud between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis is getting hotter. Greg Sargent writes that DeSantis released a television ad that claimed he was chosen to God to save Florida. It’s way over the top. I apologize for reposting from Twitter, but I couldn’t find the ad on YouTube.

Apparently Trump is pissed because only he gets to be Jesus in this town. So Trump is calling DeSantis “DeSanctimonious,” which is clever by Trump standards. Someone else must have thought it up. See Greg Sargent interview Sarah Posner about the whole messianic thing.

The Stewart Rhodes trial is ongoing. The prosecution has rested, and on Friday Rhodes testified on his own behalf. Amanda Marcotte writes that “their argument seems to be that Oath Keepers can’t be guilty because they’re just a bunch of harmless kooks. Also they claim they can’t be racists who rioted to install a fascist leader in the White House because — yep, they went there — they have Black friends.”

So I guess Rhodes was just kidding when he said, “My only regret is they should have brought rifles. We could have fixed it right then and there. I’d hang [f******] Pelosi from the lamppost.” See also A jovial Stewart Rhodes tries to woo jurors at Oath Keepers seditious conspiracy trial.

If anything else happens that’s not about the midterms, please let me know.

13 thoughts on “More Not Midterm News

  1. "I’d hang [f******] Pelosi from the lamppost.” "

    Oh Maha, don't you know that's just legitimate political discourse! I really want that miscreant (Rhodes) to do serious time, like at least 20 years. We have a whole house full of those terrorists in the next town over, 3 or 4 white trash hicks, maybe 30's or so, they have all the vulgar signs, flags, etc all over the outside of the house, ride around in their crappy 4×4's with "F&ck Biden" flags, real scum bags. What the f#ck has happened to these people? I couldn't imagine having to live next door? If Mr. Rhodes gets some real time maybe these idiots will think twice?

    • It's not funny for those of us who live in Florida. Actually, it's quite depressing. No matter how much they tear at each other, ultimately they all return back to a unified wingnuttery. It adds to a sense of hopelessness.

  2. I agree with Uncledad – I hope the jury finds them guilty and throws the book at them in sentencing. This isn't just re the violation – the government has a legitimate interest in preventing others from following in the steps of the Oath Keepers. The word lawyers use is 'deterrent.'. 

    I'm not sure about the prosecution's presentation but WHO were they providing security for? I think it was Roger Stone. And what was Stone's role in the insurrection? He was holed up in the "War Room" during the violence. How much of what happened was at the direction of Stone and Guilanni? The Oath Keepers were the muscle for the planned insurrection directed by Trump's generals. But I'm not sure how much of that could be proven. IMO, when the raid on the Capitol failed to secure hostages, they failed and were ordered to retreat. 

    If Georgia charges Rudy (likely) and if Rudy decides not to die of old age in a Georgia prison, he's got to turn evidence. If he does confess to crimes in GA, he's implicated in federal crimes. He's the one who might testify to what happened in the "War Room" on J6, what the goals were, how closely they were coordinating with Trump. And this relates to Stewart Rhodes because if he's not convicted this year for lack of evidence what his role was, that may come out later, but too late for a conviction.

    I read rumors that Trump will declare soon (as in maybe tonight) and DOJ will file criminal charges soon (as in maybe this year). Trump is getting plucked like a headless chicken by lawyers. Looks like he'll be paying Clinton back for what her lawyers charged over a frivolous suit that got tossed. The financial drain is going to continue for years. I'm not sure when the bubble will burst – the point when Trump runs out of cash to pay lawyers who demand cash up front because Trump is a known cheat. yeah, he's still a billionaire but he can't offer as payment a 25% interest in the twelfth hole at Mir-A-Lago.  This is why I hope the State of NY piles on with criminal charges and the IRS files criminal fraud charges. 

    If Trump declares there will be three reasons. First, Trump wants all GOP presidential wannabees to bow to him. DeSantis worries Trump. Second, Trump wants to pretend that all investigations must cease when he's a candidate. Last, Trump thinks that if he's POTUS, he can eliminate trials and civil suits. Federal, yes State, no. The status of civil suits that have been underway (and delayed by Trump) isn't clear to me. Though trials don't mean anything to the cult, a lot of voters will be fascinated by the details of a court drama. If there are criminal trials in 2024, Trump is toast as a candidate – too many people will see too many facts. This is why DeSantis sees (correctly) that he's the more electable candidate – and he will run But Trump has the inside track with voters who are not swayed by fact – Trump will win the primary. But DeSantis will do Trump a lot of damage along the way.

  3. And sadly, maha these mid-terms will be about all that'll be in the news for at least a few days to a week – or more.  

    And that's if there are no major acts of violence.

    Also too:  As you all know, I'm a pretty hardcore politics junkie.  But this man does not live on politics alone!

    No!  I also love sports.   

    Baseball's done.  But football, basketball, and hockey seasons are in full swing, so I have some other things to watch.

    Tomorrow's going to be a long, long day.



    • It is now Tuesday.  Usual morning routine.  Turn on local NBC channel to get local news and weather.  When they go national programming at 7, start getting teleprompter readers spewing their 'knowledge' as if each if the fountain of truth.  Needless to say 3/4th of the commercials are lying political advertisement.  Needless to say, whatever is current tRump bullshit is prominent in 'the news'.  Usual morning routine – sound gets muted by 7:10 and stays that way until I switch to a sports channel to get away from 'the news'.

      I am also a sports fan.  Real football (aka soccer) World Cup starts in less than 2 weeks so there will be something enjoyable to watch for a month.

      Today is already a long, long day and it is only 8:00 AM.

  4. @Doug – Trump declaring is moot – he's going to get indicted soon, either by Fanni Willis in Georgia, or Garland for his documents stash. And so he's going to be damaged and DeSantis will stand on top of his prone body and declare that Jesus clearly anointed him the Real Florida Man, not the snowbird from NYC.

    Finally the virus has taken someone close to me. I don't mean COVID-19, rather an ancient former girlfriend, a fundamentalist Christian Republican who fell for the whole election-denying conspiracy theory thing. It's amazing how mean she's become. All things must pass, sang the great George Harrison.

    Got a nice email from Katie Porter, not a solicitation for money, but rather a lovely photo collage of campaign staff and locals, a very nice thank-you.  She wrote that she set a record for number of doors knocked, out here in the west. Her campaign is probably the most organized election machine I have ever seen, a template for others to follow. I hope it's enough in Republican Orange County.

    • Hoping for the best for one of the best – Katie Porter.  Hoping she wins and runs in 2 years for the Senate seat of Dementia DiFi.

    • "And so he's going to be damaged"

      I don't think it will matter, if Jan. 6 didn't turn you away from Trump some indictment by the "deep state" surely won't, hell it may help. Trump has 2 years, he'll run out the clock and if he gets convicted in GA I think Kemp  will issue a pardon.

      • GA and NY pardons? Oopsies!  C'mon NYC and Hotlanta!

        Maybe it's time to shred a politically motivated DOJ guidance memo before Merrick uses it to shred us…

  5. DeSantis is leading Florida to become the new People's Temple. It won't be long before we start hearing…The woke lib's are coming with flame throwers, drink your kool-aid!

    Actually, I think we are hearing that sentiment now, but not in those exact words.

  6. One real bad outcome of the election coverage has only just begun. Most of the media is treating Trump like just another politician running for office? The man tried to overthrow the government, led an armed mob to the capitol, why the fuck are we treating him like just another GOP'er. Don't answer I know why $$$$$$. All you can do is vote, I voted a couple weeks ago, dragged me 86 y.o. Mom to the polls as well, asked her to just punch the big D!


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