11 thoughts on “Happy T Day!

  1. I hope y'all have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving weekend.

    Remember, I am the a-hole guest who stands right up and says that I friggin' don't like TFG.



    Anyone having some turducken!?

    I assume everybody's having the "tur" part today.

    Some may be having "en," so they don't feel dopey* and/or sleepy* from an overdose of tryptophan.

    Btw:  I'd love some duck today!  Duck beats TURkey and/or chickEN, anyday!

    Or maybe have some goose.  And in my opinion, goose beats DUCK!

    I wonder, what would happen if you stuffed a boneless goose in there? 

    Gooturduckengoo?  Bad.  Turduckengoo?  Worse!   The "goo" as a prefix or suffix make that combo sound like it'll make you heave!

    Well, whatever you (and yours) are eating today, give "thanks" for the love of the ones around you. 

    And have a toast for those that are gone as a "thanks" for being in your lives.

    And give some thought to those who have no one.


    *Feeling Dopey and Sleepy without their permission can lead to charges of dwarf abuse!



  3. For your reading enjoyment…..Christian Trump event left evangelical pastor 'absolutely terrified and horrified' (msn.com)

    Yesterday I was watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade when there appeared in the parade a bunch of clowns ( literally and figuratively) who were marching in the parade. When they came into view of the camera they started chanting, USA! USA!. It really tightened me up to hear that, not because I'm unAmerican and don't love my country, but because I perceived it as a white christian nationalism chant that has become so prevalent at Trump rallies and among the MAGA idiots.

    I've been watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade for over 50 years and have never seen an overt display of nationalism like I saw yesterday. I think the problem for me is that Trump and the extreme right have so co-opted the symbols and slogans that normally unite us into things that divide us. As an example now when I see a pickup truck driving around with a 3'x5' American flag flapping from the tailgate I don't get the sense of there goes a real patriot. I get the sense of there goes another Trump/ MAGA asshole displaying his shallow understanding what it means to love your country. But that's just me…maybe a free press really is the enemy of the people? Or there are 'some' good Mexicans, according to Donald Trump.

  4. Looks like Jack Smith was working yesterday,  Who?  He's the Special Counsel assigned to oversee the Trump prosecutions. He filed a written reply to Trump's lawyer who put out a BS assertion (in writing) to the 11th Circuit. Trump's lawyer (named Trusty is anything but trusty) suggested a decision by the DOJ requesting Special Master to sift through what was seized from Mayor Bug Eyes with a warrant is equal to Judge Loose Cannon doing something completely unprecedented. 

    Anyhow the argument from Trusty was a Hail Mary. It looks like the 11th is gonna pull Cannon’s plug. She had no business inserting herself into the case. Trump's request (IMO) will get pulled from Cannon and sent to the judge who signed the search warrant. This was and is his case, as far as evidence is concerned. 

    The legal point isn't crucial. What is crucial is that Jack Smith wrote and signed this rebuttal. He did it immediately, calling Trusty out almost immediately upon the submission. I'm liking this.



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