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Today’s News Bits, Trump Deposition Edition

Politico reports that Biden World is “giddy” at having MTG, Gosar, and Boebert on the Oversight Committee. The plan appears to be to make them the face of the Republican Party. The article goes on to say there is also solemn acknowledgment about the dangers ahead.

Yesterday’s George Santos story was that he grifted $3,000 from a dying dog’s GoFundMe page. Today’s story is that he used to compete in Brazilian drag queen competitions.

This is freaky. In a deposition, Trump mistook a photo of E. Jean Carroll for his second wife, Marla Maples.

An excerpt of the October deposition released by U.S. District Court for Southern New York on Wednesday includes an exchange in which Trump was asked by Carroll’s lawyer about a black-and-white photograph that showed a small group of people, including Trump and Carroll.

“That’s Marla, yeah. That’s my wife,” Trump said, referring to Maples.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba corrected the mistake, saying, “No, that’s Carroll.”

The article jumps on the way Trump dismissed Carroll as “not my type,” but to me this smacks of dementia.

The above was from a portion of Trump’s sworn deposition in the Carroll defamation case, which was released Wednesday. Trump has been calling Carroll’s accusation that he raped her a “hoax.” He calls a lot of things hoaxes. The prosecutor used that against him. Philip Bump wrote,

“Isn’t it true,” an attorney asked, “that you also referred to the use of mail-in ballots as a hoax?”

“Yeah, I do. Sure,” Trump replied. “I think they’re very dishonest. Mail-in ballots, very dishonest.”

Then the lawyer struck: “Isn’t it true that you yourself have voted by mail?”

“I do. I do,” Trump admitted. Then, a bit of moderation: “Sometimes I do. But I don’t know what happens to it once you give it. I have no idea.”

You get the point. Oh, mail-in voting is a hoax — but you vote by mail. Ergo, if the Carroll allegations are a hoax …

Something called the Gender Equity Policy Institute released a report stating that “Women in states with abortion bans are nearly three times more likely to die during pregnancy, childbirth or soon after giving birth.” And “The report also found that infants born in states with abortion bans were 30% more likely to die than those in supportive states.” Not that the forced birth people will care.

Joe Manchin learns he is not a popular guy at Davos.

Princess Kysten, also at Davos, clearly hasn’t been getting enough attention lately.

I suppose we’ll be all debt ceiling, all the time for the next few days. I sincerely hope the Democrats maintain a united front. Joe Manchin has already been flapping his mouth about creating some bipartisan commission. But he seems to be all by himself on that.

Update: The Supreme Court has released a report saying the Marshall couldn’t find who leaked the Dobbs draft. I say it was Ginny and Clarence, and the Roberts Court doesn’t want to admit it.

14 thoughts on “Today’s News Bits, Trump Deposition Edition

  1. Quick Rant: I clicked the link to the article on Sinema at Davos, and the quasi-quote of her saying that Jan. 6 was bad but Democrats "overreacted and politicized it" set me off.

    I won't bother to deal with the question of "overreaction" and what she thinks is a "reasonable" reaction to an insurrection, an armed attack on the US legislature, and attempted coup.  Sheeesh!

    I got triggered by the complete stupidity of her saying that Democrats "politicized" discussion of Jan. 6.  EXCUSE ME: On January 6, there was a huge throng of Republican voters / Trump supporters in Washington D.C. at a so-called "rally"… orchestrated by the Republican President, his Republican administration, and his Republican Presidential Campaign organization (which not only failed to get him re-elected the previous November, but also failed in all attempts to prove any kind of election fraud of significant level).  This Republican leadership used lies and rhetoric suggesting violence to whip the massive crowd into a frenzy, and the POTUS directed the resulting mob to march to the capital.  Meanwhile a large number of Republican House members and Senators took actions inside the capital building to facilitate the coup plot.  The mob of Republican insurrectionists then invaded the capital, engaged in violent combat with law enforcement while seeking to assassinate legitimately elected officials, including the VPOTUS.  And Ms. Kyrsten says that Democrats "politicized" this event????  Give me a break!  The insurrection was a political act by a political party. Anyone who doesn't understand that is an idiot.

    • I had exactly the same reaction. Take comfort in the fact that there's no way she gets another term in the Senate. 

      • Yes. I don't know the possibilities, but I hope the D's in Arizona have a candidate that "presents" well, is moderate enough D to get elected, but doesn't do stupid performative things to convince the constituents of their moderateness. Is there another Kelly?

    • Sinema apparently has the same problem that almost every GOP'er politician and voter has: they only watch FOX news. If all you read/ watch is right wing propaganda than yeah "the democrats politicize everything".

  2. I'm not sure about the rules of evidence in a deposition. But if the jury is allowed to know that tidbit…

    Santos is the gift that keeps giving. Pinocchio in a dress. 

    Regarding the three stooges on the Oversight Committee, the three of them fighting for the spotlight should be amusing. Like nude mud wrestling. Build the brand of the GOP, not so much.

    Regarding stats on higher infant and maternal mortality… cruelty is the point. 

  3. Update: The Supreme Court has released a report saying the Marshall couldn’t find who leaked the Dobbs draft. I say it was Ginny and Clarence, and the Roberts Court doesn’t want to admit it.

    I say it was Sam Alito who leaked his draft.  There have been reports that Roberts was trying to get Barrett and Kavanaugh to agree with him to ameliorate Alito's wordings and wanted to keep Roe technically still a ruling but turned into a completely empty shell.  The person who benefited from the leak was Alito because it locked Barrett and Kavanaugh into Alito's draft and reversed Roe v Wade.

    Too bad we will never know but I totally agree that Roberts probably knows and does not want a fellow right wing justice exposed.

    • Of course, if Roberts really wanted to know he would have hired someone other than the equivalent to a "mall cop" to do the investigation. Roberts knows damn well it was one of his so called "conservatives", that's why he issued a statement effectively blaming the liberals ("The leak was no mere misguided attempt at protest," the court said. "It was a grave assault on the judicial process."). Just like everything lil-donnie touches the supreme court is rotten to the core.

  4. In AZ, Congressman Ruben Gallego (D – from AZ's 3rd District) will be running against Sen. sENEMA.  He's a veteran, and extremely smart and likeable.

    Speaking of sENEMA, did anyone catch the outfit she wore at Davos?


    She looked like a Sherpa guide, dressed in a vest that looked like it was made from the long and shaggy wool of an old, un-trimmed sheep.  

    I hope it didn't smell like an old sheep.

    She stinks enough.

  5. " I sincerely hope the Democrats maintain a united front"

    Agreed, it's pretty simple, but tricky.  I think democrats and the Biden administration should hold firm to no demands, no negotiation on raising the debt. Tell McCarthy to: Submit your spending cuts for next year's budget, release your proposed spending cuts to the American people now, and put it in writing! We will negotiate spending for next year, but not until the debt ceiling raised. Please proceed!

  6. Also too:  There's some interesting additional info about the leak in the Supreme Court's "Roe-vote." 

    First, the SC didn't bring in the FBI to try to discover the leaker.  Instead, they used the court's Marshall, whose primary responsibility, as I understand it, is the security of the building and the staff and visitors.  Why not call in the FBI?

    Second, the Marshall didn't question former clerks and other staff.   Why not?

    Nothing right now prevents Roberts from taking the Marshall's report and handing it over to the FBI, and asking them to investigate further.

    It's almost as if he doesn't want to know.

    Again:  Why not?

    Imo, it's probably because he either already knows, or has a good idea of who the leaker was.

    All of this leads me to believe it was one of the KKKonservative justices – or their spouse, or even a high level staffer.

    There's a theory that this decision was leaked to bolster any of the other KKKonservative justices from getting all wobbly on overturning Roe, and joining Roberts in his plan to allow Roe to die the "death of a thousand cuts," instead of sacrificing the victim to their god – and their base.

    Imo, based on all of the above, in all likelihood, the leaker was "Sam A-leaker" himself.  Yes, I know he whined about the leak leaving the KKKonservative justices susceptible to assassination attempts.

    "Me thinks he doth protest too much."

  7. A short while ago I was looking at an old photo of someone I would swear was my ex, turns out it was George Santos, it happens.


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