This Is Not What Freedom Looks Like

Today’s mass shooting took the lives of five people in Texas, including an eight-year-old boy.

Police said they believe the massacre occurred after neighbors asked the suspect to stop shooting his gun in the front yard because there was a baby trying to sleep.

“My understanding is that the victims, they came over to the fence and said ‘Hey could [you not do your] shooting out in the yard? We have a young baby that’s trying to go to sleep,” and he had been drinking and he says ‘I’ll do what I want to in my front yard,'” San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers told KTRK.

Capers told KTRK the case went from harassment to a shooting very quickly. He said the shooter was drinking that night; police dispatchers initially confirmed the shooter was intoxicated.

He said that authorities believed some of the victims were trying to shield their children — with bodies found on top of children who were unharmed.

“In my opinion, they were actually trying to take care of the babies and keep them babies alive,” Capers told KTRK.

The shooter is described as “Mexican,” and on cue the mouth breathers who comment at Gateway Pundit blamed gun violence on illegal immigrants. I’m not linking to it. But you can read here about some of the lawsuits people are finally bringing against the Hoft twins.

Add “asking the neighbor to keep the noise down” to the growing list of “normal activities that will get you killed in the U.S.” Also “leaf blowing.” A man in Illinois who was using a leaf blower to tidy up his own yard was shot and killed recently by a neighbor. Apparently this was an escalation of an ongoing feud.

It appears two women died in Texas yesterday protecting their little children. Here’s a woman in Montana who isn’t going to go that far.

A Montana state representative has gone viral for a series of comments in which she seemed to display a shocking disregard for the wellbeing of her own daughter.

Republican Rep. Kerri Seekins-Crowe, who recently sponsored a bill banning gender-affirming care for minors, suggested in March during a debate on the floor of the Montana statehouse that she had blocked the treatment for her own daughter, even as her daughter was suicidal.

“One of the big issues that we have heard today and we’ve talked about lately is that without surgery the risk of suicide goes way up. Well, I am one of those parents who lived with a daughter who was suicidal for three years,” Seekins-Crowe said, according to a clip shared on Twitter, demonstrating how close to home the issue hit for her family.

But it was what she said next that left observers so stunned.

“Someone once asked me, ‘Wouldn’t I just do anything to help save her?’ And I really had to think and the answer was, ‘No,’” Seekins-Crowe said.

She went on to call her daughter’s suicidal tendencies “emotional manipulation” and claimed that it was her responsibility as a parent to make decisions when her daughter had no “vision” for her life.

“I was not going to let her tear apart my family and I was not going to let her tear apart me because I had to be strong for her, I had to have a vision for her life when she had none,” she said.

Not exactly Mother of the Year material. Frankly, I think child protective services need to get involved here. That woman is a monster.

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  1. "the massacre occurred after neighbors asked the suspect to stop shooting his gun in the front yard because there was a baby trying to sleep"

    We have the same shit around here, white trash morons shooting guns in the backyard, right next to an elementary school! Indiana used to prohibit the discharge of a firearm withing 1000 ft. of a school, that was to restrictive for the gun humpers, they passed a law to make 500 ft. How the fuck shooting a gun for fun in your backyard became legal is beyond comprehension, it's just fucking crazy!

  2. He was drunk, with an AR-15. What could possibly go wrong?

    I watched a video (CNN?) reporting from in front of his house – it had a wrought iron fence protecting a grassy suburban lawn. I can't imagine living in a neighborhood like that, much less next door, with some kook getting his kicks disturbing the peace with military firepower. What a sick person.

  3. I think opinions on gun regulation are changing. We have to keep the issue in the forefront by not accepting that this is going to be normal forever. IMO, Democrats need to push for 100% background checks even with private sales. If the seller deliberately circumvents the process, and the gun is used in a crime, the seller should be held to account also. Make the proposal. Make it clear – simple – short – and let the GOP vote it down. Ban or seriously regulate the sale of military-style weapons and large-capacity mags. Make it clear – simple – short and let the GOP vote it down.

    Then, with incumbents on the record, make it an election issue. 

    In '24, the GOP thinks they can make the election about Huner Biden. (Who is a dick.) Democrats need to make it about abortion (first trimester elective) – about gun control – a few simple proposals to keep the GOP from claiming "They're gonna take your guns." If Trump wins the nomination, we may be able to hang the lable "rapist" on him. And hit him for the big lie and his criminal attempt to subvert the election. If Rhonda Santis wins the primary, there are serious questions about torture he partook in. And three corpses that need to be explained. 

    I don't think the GOP can take the WH in '24 if we turn out the vote over guns and abortion. I think the House will flip back to the Dems in '24. The Senate won't be easy but Trump may help with lunatic candidates who win the primary and are gag-and-puke repulsive in the general.

    • Definition of "a nut" (ie Hunter Biden):  a man who has sex with his dead brother's wife while he is still married

  4. It does not look like freedom, it looks like a society in decline with a hobbled political system in which one side refuses to address or even acknowledge the problem, where the average person's thoughts turn to looking for good hiding places during a routine trip to a grocery store.

    • I agree though one side is doing more than refusing to address the problem they (the GOP) are actively in pursuit of making the problem as bad as possible, it's bad enough we no restrictions on gun purchases GQP-ers across the country are passing laws enabling children to but guns, open carry, shoot to kill. The GOP is addressing the problem by purposefully making it worse. I would argue it's the democrats who seem unwilling to address the problem, they always talk about gun safety but they don't make it an issue at election time? Democrats need to create the same energy for gun safety laws as the GQP has for more guns! I want to see the video footage of all these massacres released to the public, let the voters see what the GQP is asking us to accept.



    • The biggest problem that we have in this moment is that the coalition of neo-nazis, white-supremacists, kkk-ers, white-nationalists, christian-nationalists and oligarchs has captured the GOP.  They control the party. They have destroyed the moderate elements that used to be there. They have stolen the brand to be used in their totally extreme movement. 

      The problem is that for the many many voters who aren't deeply into following the ins and outs of how out government works, those people "identify" as R.  And though they can see that "their" party (which is just one of a binary choice) has gotten too extreme, they think it's still the old party that they have identified with for so long. It's not. That party is dead.  But the extremists have stolen the name "Republican Party" and are using it like false advertising, like lipstick on a pig. Because they have no other alternative in a binary two party system, those voters just can't bring themselves to do any thing but pull the "R" lever.

      I don't want to start a discussion of whether the R party was EVER what it pretended to be… that's a red herring.  There's a clear difference between the current outwardly despotic party and the former R party that actually engaged in some moderate governance.

      Based on the actions of the party, it is an enemy of the U.S.A.  We can't afford to treat the party's extreme leadership like fellow citizens who just disagree on policy.  But we do need to make sure that we don't demonize ordinary Americans who have been hoodwinked, hypnotized, manipulated, whatever.  The nation can only stand if we can establish common ground with REASONABLE conservatives who want to operate within the constitutional republic. Otherwise we are just playing into the hands of foreign adversaries who are cheering the growing fervor of the divisiveness among us.  

  5.  "I had to be strong for her, I had to have a vision for her life when she had none."

    These people insist that from the moment of conception a zygote is a wholly independent life, yet when they grow into actual self-determination and suddenly their "vision" doesn't align they can toss them away? Culture of Life my ass.

  6. Someone (maybe a reporter) should ask that piece of shit Greg Abbott if he would be cool with some gun nut firing an AR-15 next to the Governer's Mansion for an hour or so everyday?

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