The World the NRA Wants You to Live In

Trump chickened out of testifying at the E. Jean Carroll trial, as expected.

This is life in St. Louis over the weekend:

Five people were shot to death and a number other people were wounded. I think they’re still counting, actually. It’s unlikely any of this will count as a “mass shooting” because these were several separate incidents. This is what happens with no gun control. Missouri laws don’t call for permits or licenses of any sort. People can buy any firearm they want and carry it nearly everywhere they want. It’s arguably a bigger hassle to get a new cell phone than an assault weapon here. This is the world the NRA wants us to live in.

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12 thoughts on “The World the NRA Wants You to Live In

  1. Oooh…where in New York are you moving to ? Hope it’s my neighborhood 🙂

  2. I've read that other countries are advising a heightened level of caution for travelers coming to the US. 

    Are we approaching the point of flying flags at half-staff permanently?

    •   <i>I've read that other countries are advising a heightened level of caution for travelers coming to the US. </i>

      We are not. 

       <a href=""&gt; United States travel advice Take normal security precautions



      "Incidences of mass shootings occur, resulting most often in casualties. Although tourists are rarely involved, there is a risk of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

      Familiarize yourself on how to respond to an active shooter situation."

      is not really reassuring.


      I suppose "normal precautions " vary by how well one knows the country and we are next door. 


      Interestingly enough France is considered dangerous

       <a href=";

      France travel advice: Exercise a high degree of caution



      Having visited both countries I feel a lot safer in France. 


      You get a bit of terrorism here and there in France but you do not expect to get shot in a dispute over a parking space.

    • That is funny, but depending on the Judge it might not be that far fetched? Stump says he's going to Pardon all these assholes anyway!

  3. We had a similar weekend in Indianapolis.

    5 homicides including 2 teenagers.

    11 shootings.

    And more than 90 shots fired in the hippest part of town just after midnight. Semiautomatic weapons. Houses shot. Windows shattered. Cars shot. Only one injury though.


  4. Fuck off with your lies and propaganda. How many hours in mom's basement did it take you to find that fake headline. I'd like to see you present that article to the loved ones of the hundreds of people who got wasted by your gun-nut buddies, in that last month. In person, you fucking coward. Twit filter oos?

    • Typical ammo-sexual, small penis gun humper. When I was in the Army we didn't let highly trained soldiers walk around with loaded guns, every M-16, 45 side arm that was issued for training in the missions was unloaded and barrel capped, these were well trained gun safety experts. Dumb fucks like you and your incel basement dweller buddies want to let any Joe Schmuck walk around with a loaded weapon, no training, no permit. So like I said go fuck yourself, I'm going back to ignoring your ignorant troll bullshit now!

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