What a Day

E. Jean Carroll verdict! George Santos! I spent the day traveling and am now at my son’s place in Brooklyn and wiped out. But do discuss.

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  1. Poor George, went from partying with MTG with their gun worship AR lapel pins to sitting all alone in a federal lockup on Long Island! Poor George!

    Song For George

  2. Republicans being held accountable – whoda thunkit!?!  Hope springs eternal.  All the stupid and mostly insincere "rallying around" energy is being spent on Donnie Small Hands, poor George probably won't even get a jailhouse visit from MTG.

  3. One or two swallows does not make a summer, however, any improvement toward equal justice and the end of IOKIYR is appreciated.  

    It's a long way from a just us system to a justice system. 

  4. A rule of thumb I heard: juries normally take 1 day to deliberate for every week of testimony; it's remarkable that this one took only 3 hours to not only reach a verdict but to also come up with $damages.

    I suspect this trial is one of those small earthquakes that will have huge repercussions in our country. What woman, especially the millions who have suffered abuse, with little or no justice for any of them, won't take notice of E Jean Carroll's triumph?

    I watched an excerpt of Trump's video deposition, where he defended his remarks captured in the Access Hollywood tape. What came through, beneath his "answers" and equivocations is a man who is absolutely seething with rage that anyone dare challenge him. I suspect this goaded the jury's lightening fast performance.

    The Santos indictment came out of nowhere, and as Joyce Vance wrote: "The feds know how to run silent and deep when they are planning this kind of thing. Those who keep asking when special counsel Jack Smith will act, take note."

    The charges against Santos seem formidable, and my guess is he's going to have to resign at some point. There will be no interim appointment, according to Joyce Vance, and so NY's Democratic governor will need to hold an election in a district that leans Democratic, at a time when the same voters were just burned by this phony. And so at minimum, McCarthy will be down a vote, and the Dems may eventually gain a seat.

    All in one day – much to be thankful for.

  5. A jury finds that tRUMP sexually assaulted E. Jean Carroll.

    The DoJ lays out some really serious charges against that grifter, Santos.

    And maha, back in NY.

    Things are looking up!!!  🙂

  6. I believe we're about to see, just like with Giuliani and the "Elite Strike Force" of Trump attorneys, losing 60+ "election fraud" cases, not winning a one, another Trump losing streak in court.  He lost the NY State lawsuit, the jury just found against him in the Carroll case.  Next up, GA, and judging by the number of Trump election conspirators who have turned states evidence, he's likely headed for a loss there as well.   I believe that, by the time 2024 rolls around, Trump, with several judgements and criminal convictions under his belt, will STILL be the republican nominee, because his voters remain too damned stupid to realize how they're being conned, and republican leaders are too damned cowardly to stand up and condemn him as unfit to represent the party.

  7. Trump is now on record saying default is a viable option.  This is a total flip-flop from his position when he played president when the credit of the USA was in his word "sacred".   An opportunist works that way.  Nothing is important if it interferes with the opportunity at hand, even if that opportunity is an illusion.  He remains the constant voice of insanity.  He offers only the option of rule by the petulant child.  He likes default but he admits no fault, even if a jury of his peers finds him liable.  

    The NYT has a map of the states showing color coded deaths per hundred thousand by area from covid.  It is quite obvious the areas which areas of the country had higher death rates.  I would say it correlates to a high degree with the number of MAGA hats per hundred thousand by area.  I am not saying MAGA hats cause covid deaths.  Correlation is not causation.  It does suggest common factors might exist that could be a cause.  My speculation is the cause is group insanity, based only upon anecdotal information. It would be great just to have the numbers on the extent of the correlation.  

    • I believe default is what Republicans want, they want the economy to crash on Biden's watch and then their entire focus will be pinning the blame on him.  They can do nothing constructive, only destructive.

      • Why do they think they can fix the blame when they can't even begin to fix the mess their party is in? 

      • Of course that is what they have wanted since they got control of the house. It's the only card they have to get Stump back in office. Crash our economy and throw the global economy into chaos. Let them try it won't work, Stump is toast he doesn't stand a chance against Old Handsome Joe!

  8. Freddy has made up his mind! "Trump clinched the GOP nomination with the verdict and the townhall last night"

    A new CNN fan! What seals the deal Freddy? Stump the trust fund baby? Dad paid for a  C average at college? Maybe because he’s a draft dodger? Perhaps the fact that he cheated on his first wife and bankrupted 5 companies? Maybe because he cheated on his second wife and bankrupted 4 more companies Maybe that he was best friends with a child molester what hung himself in prison? Or maybe that he cheated on his third wife and bankrupted 7 more companies including a casino? Or maybe because he ran for president as a racist? Maybe because as president he lost more jobs than any other president in history? Maybe the fact that he’s been accused admitted to and found liable of sexual assault? Maybe because he can't admit he's a complete failure? What is it Freddy? I suspect you really love Stump because he wears makeup and dies his hair!



    • You don't watch CNN but Stumps performance on a CNN town hall prompted you to alert all of us that: "Trump clinched the GOP nomination with the verdict and the townhall last night"? How does that work, did Breitbart tell you that his performance clinched the nomination?

  9. I'm loving the idea of E Jean Carroll suing Trump AGAIN, for the way he slimed her on CNN last night. Was listening to a lawyer say it would  be easy, because she's already proved sexual assault. With her super sharp attorney at her side, I hope she goes for it.

  10. Unbelievable that CNN has willingly turned itself into the fake news tRump said they were.  Anderson Cooper was pathetic trying to defend the indefensible act of his network.  The "town hall" farce was obscene, CNN may never recover whatever integrity it had.

    • yeah I made it through about a third of his "explanation". Me thinks Anderson went through the same vacant stare training as his buddy Tucker!

  11. "Who reads Breitbart?"

    Gun humpers, People who think bragging about sexual assault locks up the presidential nomination?

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