The Continuing Shambles Known as “Congress”

Senator Feinstein’s death leaves an open seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee. And it’s possible Senate Republicans will block anyone from filling that seat, this Politico article says. Although they may not. The Dems need 60 votes to confirm her replacement, it says. If the seat is left open it’s going to be really hard to get judges confirmed.

See also Kate Riga at TPM about who might be appointed to fill Feinstein’s seat.

Charlie Sykes at The Bulwark described the first House impeachment inquiry hearing: “The charitable view is that the first hearing was a dumpster fire inside a clown car wrapped in a fiasco.”  There are many reports that Republicans are furious with James Comer for his obvious incompetence. Instead of presenting evidence that might tie President Biden to some criminal activity, the first hearing apparently was about establishing a rationale for an impeachment inquiry. The results were, apparently, inconclusive. The witnesses all suspected Joe Biden could maybe be connected to something nefarious through his wayward son, Hunter, but they couldn’t say for certain what that might be and had no actual evidence of anything. Perhaps the committee should have worked out their rationale before holding public hearings.

Meanwhile, the Democrats on the Committee were on a roll. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett (D-TX).


Update: From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, First Trump co-defendant pleads guilty in Fulton election case.

Bail bondsman Scott Hall on Friday became the first defendant in the Fulton County election interference case to take a plea agreement with prosecutors.
During an impromptu hearing before Fulton Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, Hall pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to commit intentional interference with the performance of election duties.

Read more about Scott Hall here.

16 thoughts on “The Continuing Shambles Known as “Congress”

      • Maybe though troops are no different than the general population, so no it won't resonate with many of them. Corporate media has done their best to denigrate him and it has worked on many. To me what it signals is that Miley is going to bring the pain against Stump. As Comey said, "lordy I hope there are tapes"!

        • uncledad, you're probably right in thinking Milley's speech  won't resonate with with many of the troops. I just have difficulty being a veteran on how the concept of allegiance to the Constitution isn't firm in the minds of any troop who has sworn to uphold it. I realize troops swear to follow the 'lawful' orders of their president  (the commander in chief) but once he is out of power he doesn't count for shit.

          • "I just have difficulty being a veteran on how the concept of allegiance to the Constitution isn't firm in the minds of any troop who has sworn to uphold it"

            I agree, though I think back on my time in the Army and the constitution wasn't really top of mind for many, myself included, most of us where there for the paycheck, three hots and a cot! Also many if not most had right-wing tendencies, I'm not sure how much has changed? One thing for sure that has changed is our troops are fed a steady diet of FAUX news. One good thing as Miley's speech indicates the command structure is pretty disciplined, Stump never managed to corrupt it which is more than can be said about much of the rest of his administration.

  1. I was watching a historical documentary about the early Roman empire. Through repeated battles with their neighbors, their soldiers got better and better, and eventually became invincible.

    The same is happening with the Dems, each in their own way. Jasmine Crocket is refining her fiery style, AOC is cool and to the point, and Katie Porter brings out her whiteboard and asks very simple, pointed questions.

    When the Dems regain the House, expect them to turn the tables on Jared and Ivanka, and smoke out their truly shady self-dealings. This is what Raskin and Swalwell are getting ready for.

      • The Congress is the most powerful branch of government. By design.

        So yeah, what happens in Congress is pretty damned important. The president can wave his hands and pound the podium, but without the Congress, it means nothing. 


  2. Crocket, that is one fine patriotic name. Combined and associated with Texas, she is redemption for the whole damn massive state.  Texas desperately needs a lot of redemption.  They now have another hero with the same last name as another one.  

    Given that political theater is the new norm she beats Taylor Swift who just does music.  For drama queens she beats MTG and Bobart hands down.  I just hope her minimum political donation is less than a Taylor Swift ticket, because I am a fan.  


  3. tRump is the R's ruination and in the back of their tiny closed minds they know it.  Their bumbling fact-free attempt to please their master with this fiasco has turned into a spectacular opportunity for Dem's to go on the offensive with sound bites that would make Jaws proud and camera time – love it!  And love how Ms. Crockett does not hesitate to drive a stake through the bloodsuckers' hearts – this is a display of hope and inspiration.

  4. Staring at the tee-vee today wondering how the hell did we get here? Dawned on me that Fox News, hannity, Ingram, Gutfuck or Waters or (insert facist cable bobble-head) has many of the same commercial sponsors (ads) as Velshi or Reid or Hayes, even the all mighty Maddow! Wayfair, Skyrizi! How can we liberals sit and watch programming that makes us comfortable when it is sponsored by the same money that promotes Stump, the gun lobby and the magat rage machine. Seems like something we should consider? Take a good look at the ad money, they are all getting paid by the same interests. Msnbc Faux, Cnn like to talk shit about each other but they are all sucking on the same (forgive me) tit. It goes past media, the democrats in the house, senate have the same affliction. We went through 3 weeks of government shutdown noise only to have the democrats come out at 6 pm yesterday to announce they were saving the day? Chuck and Amy came out of the cave and faced the cameras? Where have you people been? Who in our party is supporting our president. Schumer needs to do two things in the next 45 days. He needs to excert his authority as senate leader and get the budget that he, Biden and Kevin agreed to passed (money to defeat Putin included). He also needs to stand up grab what is left of his sagging ball sack and put every stalled military officer promotion to an individual vote. Like he did last week with the top brass. They passed three top generals but for some reaosn thats too hard for the rest of the rank and file? Start the vote, let that hick (tuberfuck) stand in the well after 4 or 5 days the magats will fold like a cheap tent. Tuberville hides behind the vail of abortion, that’s not what is happening, he’s holding these promotions in the hope that Stump can promote magat types into the leadership core. They want to destroy the military if somehow Stump wins. This is part of Stumps plan to shitcan this country. What the fuck Chuck, get off your ass. 


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