Final Thoughts on Monday

Right now there’s an overwhelming amount of commentary on the opening arguments (example) that I’m still sorting out. Here’s also a key takeaways article from WaPo. Jeremy Stahl writes at Slate that Trump seemed to be mentally checking out whenever the prosecution was presenting its arguments. The defense arguments seem wobbly to me, but all they have to do is plant reasonable doubt in just one juror’s mind.

Judge Engoron accepted the hinky appeal bond (drat) but put some conditions on it. The state of New York is never going to see that money, I fear.

I’m hearing that there were no pro-Trump protesters outside the court. Many are also noting that no member of Trump’s family — not his wife, none of his children — are in the Court with him. He’s really all alone.

Tomorrow morning is the gag order hearing. I am not going to guess what might happen.


3 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on Monday

  1. There's commentary about the jury, two lawyers, plus professional people. In theory, they will be more objective about evidence and testimony. This is good for the prosecution IF they have the goods on Trump.

  2. I think it would be a hoot if Mary Trump attended his court sessions, but maybe she's got better things to do. 

  3. Trump checking out while the prosecution presents is consistent with his narcissistic pathology. He literally cannot stand to hear bad things said about him. 

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