The Gag Order Hearing and Trial

I’m following the gag order hearing on the New York Times live feed. Trump’s lawyer basically is saying that everything Trump says has a political context and therefore has to be considered “free speech.”

New York Times, just now (10:22 am edt):

This is not going well for Blanch. The judge is interrupting and scolding him, the New York Times said.

From TPM:

As Blanche flails, Merchan spells it out: “You’re losing all credibility with the court.”

I believe the hearing is concluded. Judge Merchan is not going to give a ruling right away.

There is a widespread perception that the hearing went very, very badly for Trump.

The jury wasn’t present for the gag order hearing, for which Trump and his lawyers should be grateful. The trial will reconvene at 11 eastern time.

7 thoughts on “The Gag Order Hearing and Trial

  1. The Donald wants to have this case decided in the court of public opinion not in a court of law.  His minions see free speech as unlimited and most would be, like their cult leader, much better off practicing their listening skills.  Right now, they are deciding how much this 'free speech' is going to cost him.   

  2. This time out, it's gonna cost Trump 1K per pop. Chump change. The question is how future violations will be handled.

  3. A truck drove past my house a few minutes ago with a big "God Bless America God Bless Trump" sign waving.

    Makes me wonder how these folks are going to react when (if?) Biden wins the election.  Violence?  I hope not.

    • I know what it's like to have these clowns ride by in a pickup truck with a Trump flag waving in the back. 

      Let them get violent. The better law enforcement can find them and lock them up. I'm tired of being held hostage by these dimwits.

  4. Blanche was just following the boss's orders, trying to earn the paycheck he's been promised.

  5. Ten feet of snow will fall on Hawaii before Trump faces any serious consequences from any of of his court violations.  

  6. Merchan is continually looking over his shoulder, doing all he can to ensure a fair trial that won't be reversed on appeal. Accordingly, he has to be careful how he metes out punishment. Gradiated punishments are the typical way these things are handled:

    Round One: $1000 a pop for some or all of the violations the prosecution argued for.

    Trump mouths off again, then it's Round Two: jail time. 


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