8 thoughts on “Tell Me About It

  1. All my friends who get flu shots get the flu, which is one of the reasons why I don’t get a flu shot ever. Cannot even remember the last time I had the flu. The other reason is I have a chronic disease, which, in my theory, is an immune problem; thus, I believe that putting the flu bug in my system is going to make me sicker because my immune system will not make the antibodies to protect me from the flu.

  2. I hope you’re still not under the weather. My boss got a strain of it that she had a hard time shaking.

  3. In November, a woman in another department at my workplace died from a sudden-onset, pneumonic/respiratory ailment. A woman who sits two cubicles away from me has missed more than two weeks of work with “pneumonia.” We all had the flu shot this past autumn. Scary stuff.

  4. My other half got the flu shot at the advice of his mother and has been sick on and off all winter long..I on the other hand did not get the shot and I have had no problem staying well even after taking care of him while he was ill.

  5. The only time I’ve ever gotten the flu is when I don’t get the shot. Last time I got the flu was when the last shot failed. So far though it’s mid-late Feb and I’m okay. Living alone the last few years (and away from my Germ Factory 12-year old sister) and washing my hands before touching my face has done wonders.

  6. Flu viruses evolve to develop immunity to the vaccines. It’s the same with many other diseases. And yet cretinists still insist through clenched teeth that there is no evidence for evolution.

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